I’ve ran my own 501(c)(3) non-profit before, built plenty of websites, promoted my musical creations online, and the like – but I’ve NEVER come across such an inspirational and empowering online community like WealthyAffiliate.com (WA).

  • Any question you have will be answered WITHIN MINUTES.
  • Any frustrations you blog about will be countered with SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT.
  • Every industry secret and strategy is SHARED AND DISCUSSED.
Wealthy Affiliate - How I Made It Happen

It is truly the entrepreneur’s dream. And I’m sharing this information as a member, not an “employee” or salesman of WA. They’ve been around for 10+ years with an amazing lesson program built and a caring community that helps breathe life into the online platform.

"I feel I owe WA so much and I want to return the favor by writing this positive article about them."
Chase Chandler
Founder of MusicalGrowth.com

The founders of WA actually care about everyone’s performance and progress. Kyle, a co-founder, reached out and encouraged me when I was first starting out (I had posted a short blog stating my worries, frustrations, and hopes). Keep in mind there are over a million members on this site, so it’s amazing the co-founders are that involved to reach out to individuals like me.

My Story

I’ve taken business classes, entrepreneurial classes, studied up on “Business for Dummies” and podcasts (EntreLeadership for example). I’ve looked into social media strategies, marketing campaign building, how to close sales, elevator pitches, and the like.

If you’re curious, you can read my “About Me” page.

I’ve seen success stories posted online and annoying ads where people state the “ease” of access to an online fortune made by passive income. I’ve always felt I could work hard enough to make that happen myself, but have never known how to approach these online ventures.

My point is, I’ve done a lot of searching but never trusted a program or educational service enough to give them my money. I am very picky when it comes to seemingly “amazing” online opportunities.

REAL opportunities are not “get-rich overnight” schemes.
But no one ever said it couldn’t be easy.

Online affiliate marketing is EASY, but it does take time. We all know you work hard, everyday, just to pay for rent – just like I do. Before WA, 90% of my income went toward paying my apartment rent.

After only 5 weeks on WA, I’ve began making sales and earning REAL cash from my hard work. Which is almost unheard of! (I’ve read numerous articles about when the “first sale” happens after starting a blog with affiliate marketing and for the majority, it takes around 3 months to 6 months for the first sale).

  • I credit all my online success to Wealthy Affiliate. I really do.

How It Works

WA offers 5 courses with 10 lessons each that explain everything you need to know to get your online business up and running, including in-depth strategies for online marketing and successful affiliate partnerships.

You could potentially know absolutely NOTHING about web design, web hosting, or sales and you’d be completely fine – WA covers everything you need to know down to each individual setting with each setting proven for maximum success.

Each lesson’s detail is incredible and it’s the main reason I eventually joined myself (they offer the first course free of charge as a “test drive,” before you buy).

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to “make it happen” with an online business through their extensive education courses with articles, videos, and to-do/checklists. You can ask questions every step of the way and find people who are on the same page as you (always nice to feel part of a group).

My Recommendation

I’ve spent years searching for something like WA and now that I’ve found it, I’ve felt inspired and motivated to work hard ever since I joined. Which is almost as priceless as their material itself!

If you have any curiosity about:

  • passive income
  • online business creation
  • escaping a 9 to 5 day job

… then I would highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate.

Many people on the site are working hard just like you and some are even broke with no other financial option. I always refer to it as a community, because I feel we’re all in it together – trying to figure out the best way to make a living off online avenues as quickly as possible. And not to mention the amazing stories that are shared of people WHO HAVE made a living off of affiliate marketing.

Below is a preview to the site:

And those who HAVE “made it” with affiliate marketing actually stay in the community to help others “make it” too. Such a testament to the power of WA’s community. I’m really grateful for everyone on WA who has helped me so far!

I mean, I’m more active on WA’s social platform than I am on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., just because there is always feedback to be received from everything you post.

Working on online projects can get lonely and discouraging at times, but WA allows you to reach out to others and receive feedback within seconds (due to their I.M. chat system). Everyone on WA are REAL people who care and are just as dedicated as you. It’s truly something I try not to take for granted

The Benefits

Here’s the information you’ve been looking for – I know.

Every product and every service needs to list the “benefits” to answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”

Just keep in mind that when you read the list below, remember that I am a REAL person who has experienced WA first-hand and I’m currently writing this article at my wooden desk in Aliso Viejo, CA with my morning tea to my right. In other words, the content you’re currently reading is made my a real human being (NOT a company or monopoly).

The benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate:

    • Getting started
    • Building traffic
    • Making Money
    • Mastering Social Engagement
    • Achieving Maximum Success
    • Getting Your Business Rolling
    • Content, Keywords and Conversions
    • Giving Your Site Social Value
    • Get Visual, Get Aesthetic
    • Knowing Your Audience
    • Bing, Yahoo, and The Power of PPC
    • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Never feel alone. There is always someone to chat with or answer your questions.

    • Host up to 25 websites with specific domains
    • Host 25 SiteRubix domain websites
    • Unlimited email and users
    • SiteContent Templates
    • Comment system of giving and receiving website comments
    • Site feedback system of giving and receiving website feedback

Powerful tool in keyword research (find out how many people search for a keyword and what your competition is via Google search engine, etc.)

    • Free SSL (https inclusion)
    • Free site security (spam blocker)
    • Free SiteSpeed
    • Features include: SiteHealth, SiteSupport, SiteSecurity, SiteFeedback, etc.
    • Already installed plugins to optimize your website

Out of all the website hosting platforms I’ve tried (SiteBuilder, GoDaddy, Weebly), Wealthy Affiliate amazingly offers everything you could possibly need wrapped up in a single monthly price. No need for add ons or extra payments (apart from purchasing domain names – $13).


From my years of experience searching through online hosting platforms and business education services, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most versatile and well constructed site.

If you join, you literally do not need anything else to create and maintain an online business. Which is SO EMPOWERING.

Before WA, I wasted SO MUCH TIME researching website design, web hosting, email platforms, marketing strategies, etc. But now if I have a question, I search WA libraries or ask a new question and receive an answer within minutes.

This means more time can then be spent on content creation and website improvement.

So. I truly hope you consider Wealthy Affiliate. Stop wasting time searching for other sites that promise online success, because WA has a proven track record of over 10+ years.

You CAN make it work and WA has all the answers.

Best of luck with everything and I hope you found this article useful! Message me on Wealthy Affiliate if you end up trying it out! My username is TCChander 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading,


Feb. 2018


Prabakaran · February 27, 2018 at 9:51 pm

Great post about Wealthy Affiliate. My story is also same as yours. I started websites and then quit because of I never found a platform like WA before. Now after finding and joining WA, I have launched 2 websites, of which one is ranking high other one is new. Really I enjoy working with WA and 24 hours is not enough for me since I have employed 11 hrs a day. After Joining Wealthy affiliate there is no turning back at all. Wonderful platform.

    Chase Chandler · February 27, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Great to hear from you. Wonderfully put, I have felt the same. Wealthy Affiliate really keeps things going as far as motivation. It makes it really easy to stay productive and on task. Thanks for sharing your story! Appreciate you chiming in.

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