Green tea originated from India and China and has now become very popular all over the world for many reasons!

Best Green Tea Brands

But before I go into the best green tea brands, let me explain reasons behind why you should drink more green tea. The benefits might surprise you! Only after you fully understand the reason why we all love green tea, will we provide the best green tea brands.

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  • What is green tea?
  • 5 Health Benefits of Green Tea
  • FAQ’s
    • How does green tea aid in weight loss?
    • How does EGCG and caffeine boost my metabolism?
    • Can green tea reduce blood sugar and insulin levels?
    • Does green tea really lower triglyceride and cholesterol?
    • So you’re saying green tea suppresses appetite and cravings?
    • What do the best green tea brands contain?
  • 5 of the Best Green Tea Brands

What is green tea?

Green tea is derived from the leaves of a plant named Camellia Sinesis and from this plant there are a few common varieties: Hojicha, Sencha, Kabusecha, Gyokuro, Match, and Genmaicha (to name a few).

green tea leaf

The lightly brewed beverage contains the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenois, which are substances that reduce the formation of free radicals in the body and protect cells and molecules from damage. One of the most effective compounds present in green tea is the antioxidant name Epigallocatchin Gallate (or EGCG for short) that is known to help treat various diseases.

The reason green tea comes with more health benefits than black tea (another popular type of tea-leaf) is primarily due to the processing differences.

Black tea is usually processed in a way that allows for fermentation, whereas, green tea is processed without fermentation and thus keeps the highest levels of antioxidants. Pretty cool, huh?

5 Health Benefits of Green Tea

While weight loss remains one of the most widely known health benefits of green tea, there are many other advantages which often go unnoticed.

The Chinese culture has utilized these remarkable medicinal properties for centuries! And for good reason too – even today you can find green tea used for health in a variety of ways.

Five of the most important health benefits of green tea:

  • Weight Loss
    • Using different forms of green tea remains one of the most natural ways to lose weight. Apart from naturally boosting your metabolism, you get an instant energy boost from green tea (however, you must purchase a good brand of green tea for effective weight loss)
  • Increased Longevity
    • Research has proved that people who drink organic green tea regularly live longer than those who don’t. Moreover, their overall health is generally maintained for much longer too.
  • Anti-Cancer Effects
    • Though we cannot say for sure if it can “cure” cancer, there is evidence of its ability to suppress cancerous growth. Prevention is always the first step toward avoiding cancer and this tea is one of the best prevention methods out there due to the blocked production of cancer-causing enzymes.
  • Good for the Heart and the Brain
    • Those who drink green tea on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from heart-related diseases. It prevents heart attack and stroke. It also softens the walls of arteries, which works wonders for preventing heart disease. With increased blood flow, the brain can work more effectively too (not to mention the natural caffeine present in green tea!).
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
    • If you drink green tea regularly, you do not suffer from rheumatoid inflammations. Similarly, it helps in preventing many other inflammatory diseases.

Green Tea Leaves

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, I’m sure you have many questions regarding the benefits listed above. But don’t worry, let me go into more detail for those who are interested. Here are the frequently asked questions when it comes to green tea benefits.

How does green tea aid in weight loss?

The use of green tea is currently on the increase, partly due to the new research studies that provide convincing evidence about its antioxidant characteristics, general health benefits, and its weight loss effects. While weight loss teas may be growing in popularity today, it is still most important to buy effective and organic green tea brands.

How does EGCG and caffeine boost my metabolism?

WARNING – Science-talk coming your way! (Trust me though, it’s very interesting).

Several research studies aimed at the benefits of green tea, have demonstrated that green tea can speed up the body’s metabolic rate by up to 4%. This seemingly insignificant boost in metabolism can help to burn stored body fats with little or no effort (besides drinking 2 to 4 cups of green tea a day).

Green tea’s metabolism boosting effect is achieved by the inhibiting action caused by EGCG (or epigallocatechin gallate). This activity undergone by EGCG breaks down the neurotransmitter known as norepinephrine (NE) making it last longer. NE is considered to be a sympathetic nervous system stimulant which increases many of the body’s processes such as thermogenesis, which is the body’s ability to generate heat.

Matcha Tea

Initially, this effect was attributed to the caffeine content (which is about 25mg for a 6-ounce cup). However, a 1999 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that the use of green tea extracts did not only promote thermogenesis, but also arouses the nervous system without increased heart rate (unlike caffeine, which speeds up the heart rate and nervous system when ingested alone).

This normalized heart rate is not only a positive side effect of ECGC, but also of the naturally occurring amino acid in green tea known as L-theanine. The L-theanine is secreted from the small intestine in the bloodstream where it is transported into the brain, which produces an improved state of relaxation and alertness. This process effectively cancels out the harmful effect of caffeine!

So the combination of caffeine and L-theanine is green tea has been suggested by researchers that it helps to improve alertness, reaction time, and memory while also combating the effects of stress!

Can green tea reduce blood sugar and insulin levels?

Yes! Green tea is known to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels, which consequently reduces the secretion of insulin. Research studies also indicate that green teas increase insulin sensitivity by more than 15%!

The lowering of insulin secretion through the reduction of blood sugar level sis mostly regarded as the major reason why green tea has significant weight loss effects too. The more green tea you drink, the lower your insulin levels and the more sensitive these levels become. This combined effect increases not only your body’s ability to convert sugars into energy, but also its fat burning potential.

DISCLAIMER: Please talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional if you intend on taking green tea as a diabetic or for insulin level reduction. Thanks for your understanding!

Tea in Fermentation

Does green tea really lower triglyceride and cholesterol?

Why yes, yes it does! Green tea reduces blood fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol, which in turn helps to stop blood clots from forming in the arteries or veins.

EGCG (or epigallocatechin gallate) helps to reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good kind). EGCG essentially clears the blood of triglyceries before they are deposited into adipose tissues (or fat cells).

This process is important to note because triglycerides are transported in the bloodstream in the form of very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL), which is eventually converted into LDL cholesterol (again, the bad kind). Therefore, the fewer the amounts of triglycerides in the bloodstream, the lower the level of LDL cholesterol (for the last time, it’s the bad kind! Just kidding, I know you remember LDL is bad by this point).

So you’re saying green tea suppresses appetite and cravings?
Yes, it has been proven to help suppress appetite and eliminate cravings (such as for sweet snacks). This can partly be attributed to its ability to lower blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar levels make you feel hungry and this increases the tendency to eat more food, more frequently. By reducing your blood sugar levels, green tea effectively helps to suppress your appetite.

It, therefore, becomes apparent why the use of green tea as a weight loss supplement is increasing today. While green tea in and of itself can result in weight loss, for quicker and permanent weight loss effect, it is advisable to sue it as a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

DISCLAIMER: Please talk to a specialist when using green tea as a weight loss supplement. It is good to do personal research, but it is BEST to consult a professional who can analyze your body’s specific needs and limitations. Thank you for your understanding!

What do the best green tea brands contain?

In general, tea contains many health-promoting properties, but the best brands seem to contain a healthy amount of polyphenols (such as flavanols and flavonols) and catechins (such as EGCG).

Other benefits from some of the best green tea brands have been attributed to helping prevent or improve the symptoms of cardiovascular conditions, arthritis, cancer, and high cholesterol.

The Best Green Tea Brands

For you to gain the maximum benefits of green tea, you need to go for the best brands! (Duh.)

Our research has helped to compile the following list of 5 of the best green tea brands. The process of building this list involves multiple approaches and comparing various factors such as the way the tea is grown, where it is grown, the stage at which the leaves are picked, the way the tea is processed, and how it is packed.

Yogi Green Tea

Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea

Our studies have led us to choose Yogi as the best green tea brand! It has an impeccable history dating back more than four decades. The green tea brand, Yogi Blueberry Slim life, is a blend of organic green tea, together with Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, eleuthero, and ginseng extracts. This combination invigorates your body’s metabolism so that you can lead an active lifestyle even if you are on a weight loss diet. Yogi brand green tea comes in many flavors including organic hibiscus. The tea blends are prepared using Ayurvedic health practices as well.

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  • Formulated to provide the energy necessary for an active lifestyle (even when on a diet)
  • This green tea contains Garcinia cambogia fruit extract in addition to eleuthero and ginseng extracts to support stamina
  • Additional flavors including organic hibiscus
  • Back by Yogi’s well-known brand and 4 decades of unparalleled tea production
  • Made according to Ayuredic health practices
  • Incorporates a blend of health-promoting spices and herbs
  • Organic green tea rich in antioxidants and anti-bloating properties
  • Pleasant flavor!


  • If you like strong flavored tea, you might think this is a bit weak
  • Some people don’t like the taste (some compare it to cigarette smoke, which is strange)
  • May leave you with a mild after-taste

Stash Green Tea

Stash Tea Premium Green Tea

Stash Premium Green Tea is packed most correctly to maintain freshness for a long time. By wrapping the individual bags in protective foil, you are sure to enjoy the same fresh, sweet and nutty flavor from your 100th cup as you did in your first. Stash green tea is processed using age-old Japanese methods, which means that the tea retains its excellent flavor, color, and fragrance. The resultant green tea brews into a traditional gold-green beverage. This is a choice green tea if you enjoy traditional types of tea.

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And because this tea comes in a minimalist package meant to last, you can buy in bulk and store for later use. This way, you will have a constant supply of your favorite green tea!


  • Foil wrapped individual teabags to maintain freshness
  • Disctinct sweet, nutty flavor
  • Customized packaging
  • Great when hot OR cold
  • 100 foil wrapped tea bags guaranteed to preserve freshness (buy in bulk!)
  • Distinctive aroma
  • Grown in Brazilian tea gardnes
  • Steam processed in traditional Japanese style for great flavor, color, and fragrance
  • Vibrant green brews into a bright golden-green beverage


  • May have an “off” flavor
  • Some packaging defects, specifically strings falling off tea bags

Kenko Green Tea

KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you want a strong oxidant green tea from one of the best brands, Kenko Matcha Green Tea may be your best choice. The antioxidant-packed tea relaxes your body and mind, while improving both in efficiency. Besides, the powdered green is so versatile you can use it in cakes, ice cream, smoothies, protein shakes, and more! There is no risk in trying it out either, because Kenko offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The only downside is this premium product comes at a premium price. BUT, it is well worth it to have premium green tea powder at your disposal when cooking in the kitchen.

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  • Organic with no pesticides or other chemicals
  • Made from hand-picked, shade-grown tea leaves
  • Air-dried and stone ground
  • 137 time the normal catechins (antioxidants) of other green teas
  • Great as a meditation aid due to the L-theanine contents and natural caffeine which work together to promote Alpha brainwaves
  • High in chlorophyll, amino acides, EGCG’s fibre, and vitamins A, K, and E
  • USDA certified organic
  • Enhanced antioxidant levels for increased energy and faster metabolism
  • Shade-grown, hand-picked, air-dried, stone ground leaves that are gluten free
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • It is more expensive than other options! But not much.

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Pure Green Tea

The delicate taste of Lipton green tea is a result of several factors in its growth and processing, so it is no wonder it has made it into this list as one of the best green tea brands. The manufacturer employs tea experts to help in the blending of selected products to ensure high-quality tea products. Lipton’s tea also supports environmental protection and is Rainforest Alliance certified.