As a quick reminder, what you already own and your current level of expertise is everything you need to experience meditation and yoga. But if you’re anything like me, the culture surrounding these daily routines for mental and body health can be somewhat… “addicting.” Seeing, wearing, smelling, or reading something relating to the world of calming meditation or comforting yoga is a wonderful reminder to take time and RELAX. Besides, every little reminder helps.

When you’re searching for that one art piece that ties together your meditation room or you’re looking for more than one option when it comes to Buddha statues, regular sites such as Amazon sometimes aren’t enough. A niche specific website is sometimes the best remedy for an absence of options.

I’m very excited to share with you a great find when it comes to Buddhist related items, materials, equipment, and the spread of knowledge! - Review

Overall Rank

I’m not here to convince you of my opinion and for me personally, numbers never lie. I’ve compiled a list of ratings I’ve found from credible sources online and averaged out an aggregate final rating:

8.8 out of 10

The sources I pulled from include:

What is Buddha Groove?

In short, Buddha Groove is an online community sharing ideas, articles, and unique, inspiring collections offered through their online store. What truly makes this site trustworthy is its purpose – the full blog articles and topics they share through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) show that they truly care about the quality they offer their customer base.

As a family owned business centered around offering thought-provoking articles and inspiring collections, their selection definitely lives up to the standard of quality niche websites. Everything you might need that relates to Buddhist culture and commercial meditation/yoga is offered in one convenient location:

The store’s philosophy covers:

  • Spirit
  • Inspiration
  • Natural Wellness

When I visit a website for the first time, I go straight to the about page to determine their validity and Buddha Groove does not disappoint. They have a really kind and passionate statement of purpose that inspires at the same time. Talk about trustworthy – I wish there were more websites and online market places that publicly share an intense passion like Buddha Groove.

Here’s a summary from their website that you should definitely read:

Buddha Groove hopes to feed the spirit, revive the body, and inspire the mind through their product line. From feel-good gifts to yoga and meditation supplies, from original scultpure to artisan njewelry, we are dedicated to maintain a meaningful collection that inspires happiness, peace, and mindful existence in the “now.” Buddha Groove is a website built for everyone, regardless of spiritual background or experience. There is no prerequisite for feeling good – today is the best day to start.


Buddha Groove has a rich and “breathing” online community where they share ideas via social media sites and the like. From what I can tell, they are never pushy when it comes to their products and always offer them as tools to help you in personal wellness (rather than “here, buy this”).

  • 3,426 verified reviews across their website
  • Google Customer reviews averaged 4.9 out of 5 (!!!)
  • Their online community has grown to over 350,000 members
  • Free and free shipping is offered within the continental USA
    • International shipping available through a third party
  • No-hassle returns within 30-days
    • Except with media, books, card, and plants
  • They accept different forms of payment
    • American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, & Apple Pay
  • (https verified) secure online marketplace
  • High-quality customer service
  • Rewarding customer loyalty programs available
  • Full blog that include 4 categories: spiritual, inspirational, meditation, wellness
  • Newsletter sent out once per week

Unlike some online stores, Buddha Groove always provides a lot of information about each item they list.


As a site, the user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate through. If I had to be really picky, their side banners (reviews, social media icons, Google rating) are always there and can sometimes get in the way. Refer to the photo above – the banners cover interesting information about a singing bowl I’m interested in. But after scrolling a bit here and there, the information is obviously readable and it’s definitely something that can be ignored since the quality of the website as a whole is worth it. But on a side note, I have found some other graphical issues – very rare to find and not really too distracting from the beautiful interface they provide for their website visitors.

I’m a perfectionist though (a blessing and a curse). Maybe you can’t see these little things? Visit Buddha Groove yourself and let me know what you think.


    • Jewelry Collections
    • Themed Collections
    • Crystal Jewelry
    • Meaningful Symbols
    • Accessories
    • Women
    • Men
  • MIND
    • Meditation
    • Meditation Mala Beads
    • Books & Media
  • BODY
    • Tibetan Rituals
    • Incense & Candles
    • Healing Crystals
    • Gifts for Her/Him/Mom
    • Inspirational Gifts
    • Yoga Gifts
    • Buddhist Gifts
    • Ganesh Inspired Gifts

Other notable collections:

  • Buddha Statues
  • Meditation Malas
  • Singing Bowls
  • Inspirational Jewelry
  • Spiritual Jewlery
  • Prayer Wheels & Ritual Items


I hope I’ve covered every aspect about this website and offered valuable information here on

Personally, I’m always very aware I’m being sold to, making my investigation of this site very thorough. I’ve inspected the UI (user interface), pros/cons, notable categories, their blog & articles, and anything else that sets them apart. As far as I can tell, Buddha Groove works hard to ensure each promise on their about page stays 100% fulfilled. It’s actually refreshing to find such a passionate website with such a convenient hub of collections, articles, and equipment.

Feel free to check out their website and be a judge for yourself! “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so don’t take my word for it!

Click below:

Buddha Groove
Best of luck with all your meditation and yoga activities! Let me know your opinion on this site and if you have a suggestion on another site! The internet is a vast wilderness of questionable validity, so help everyone who reads this article know of quality sources and comment below!

Thanks for reading!


Jan. 2018


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