When it comes to yoga pants, white yoga pants seem to be very popular in hot weather, beach activity, or even hot yoga.

The white color doesn’t soak the sun’s rays quite as much as darker colors. White also keeps you cool and if you have a bit of a tan, the white is great contrast! White yoga pants can help your skin appear darker due to the visual comparison against extreme, pure white.

Because most people do their shopping on Amazon first, I wanted to offer 12 of the best options for white yoga pants. A few of these options are for men, but (of course) most of them are for women!

Here’s the breakdown for those who don’t want to scroll:

  • Women’s options: #1 through #7 and #12
  • Men’s options: #8 through #11

Remember, to view these options on Amazon you can click on the photo, the name, or copy and paste the ASIN number (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

1. Onzie Fierce Legging

Onzie Yoga Pants

Sometimes simple is better and with this option, you’ll find mesh sections and the standard polyester sections without any crazy designs.

The mix of fabrics can help provide a durable material apart from just polyester. And buying this option, you can keep in mind you are supporting USA production and manufacturing!




2. ONGASOFT White Mesh Yoga Pants


  • ASIN: B076C43N4W
  • 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex
  • Flat-lock Stitching
  • Side pocket, inner pocket
  • Sweat-wicking, breathable, stretchy lightweight fabric suitable for fitness

In comparison to the first option, this design is a little more complex but still maintains a slick look between the mix of mesh and nylon.

Polyester is a little more fast drying and abrasion resistant, but nylon is softer and stronger! So definitely keep the fabric in mind when choosing between these options!

So to repeat:

  • Polyester is faster drying and more abrasion resistant than Nylon
  • Nylon is softer and more strong than Polyester

For each of these options, I’ll list the fabric first! To help your decision process. Sometimes the information available on Amazon is rather unorganized and difficult to find, but I tried to provide more a better format!


3. HOEREV Super Soft Spandex Harem Yoga/Pilates Pants


Modal is a type of rayon fabric made from fibers of beech trees that is very soft, drapes well, has a smooth lustrous finish, and resist creasing.

By having this option of pants, you can stretch, walk, or go into a yoga session with a lot of comforts. With all the space from the flowy fabric, you’ll feel very free and open in your indoor or outdoor activities.


4. Vovotrade Flowy Casual Summer Yoga Pants

Vovotrade White Yoga Pants

When comparing option 3 and 4, this option is even MORE open because the legs are not sown or attached to an elastic band around the ankle.

The polyester fabric drapes down beautifully in layers around the legs. The back may not look as beautiful, but the front is very flattering and forms well to the anatomy of “yoga legs,” or just regular legs without muscle definition from yoga!



5. iYoga Mesh Yoga Pants Leggings

iYoga Mesh White Yoga Pants

  • ASIN: B078SSLD8H

This yoga pant option compares to the first two I’ve listed but has a different mesh design that’s flattering to the upper thigh. The polyester fabric mix allows for a comfort along with the interlocking seams.

The design is simple but leads the eye upward toward the shape of the leg. Definitely, compare this option with 1 and 2!



6. Geek Bootleg Casual Cotton Spandex Leggings

Geek Bootleg Yoga Pants

Old fashion and styles are coming back! The bootleg look is not only a “style,” but also comfortable in yoga because it allows your ankles more freedom. The slim look IS flattering (much like polyester yoga pants), but the loose cotton fabric gives more space for movement and breathability.






7. CFR Mesh Yoga Pant Sport Leggings

CFR Mesh White Yoga Pants

  • ASIN: B073TXR5KF
  • Quality Stretchy Fabrics (not specifically explained on Amazon)
  • 100% guaranteed refund within 30 days

Maybe it’s because I personally love the mesh designs, but there are a lot of them! This is another option for mesh designs that compares to number 1, 2, and 5.

The difference with this design is that the mesh is around the knees, but the most clever idea behind the shape of the mesh design is that it employs the illusion of skinnier legs. The swooping lines bent inward help the legs appear tighter and smaller. Smart, right?




8. CandyHusky Mens Cotton Yoga Pants

CandyHusky Men's Cotton White Yoga Pants

As far as men’s yoga pants, there are definitely fewer options. But as a guy, I’ve found a few options that I would wear proudly!

Number 8 looks very comfortable, not because of the 100% cotton fabric, but because there is so much space that’s given in the design. I feel most men would prefer a loose fitting pair of pants (like sweatpants rather than tight-fitting pants.

Men, for the most part, are always more proud of their arms and upper body than their legs. In my opinion, I hate my legs! I’d much rather hide them, then try to show them off.


9. Hemoon Men’s Running Trousers

Hemoon White Pants

I wouldn’t list this sweatpants design if it weren’t with my recent experiments that led me to believe in sweatpants as yoga pants. BUT, I don’t mind sweating in my sweatpants during yoga because my goal is to loose weight.

Keep in mind that these pants are obviously not going to breathe the same way as yoga pants, but the polyester material will allow things to breathe FAR BETTER than cotton.

Which trust me, don’t do yoga in sweatpants. It’s really uncomfortable and sweaty. But definitely, try sweatpants like these that are designed for jogging or running.


10. Ouber Men’s Mesh Yoga Pant Leggings

Ouber White Yoga Pants

This option is a rare find. Many yoga pant options for men are NOT form fitting, but if you are proud of your legs then show them off! The mesh designs help these form-fitting pants look more stylish and the nylon fabric is very fast drying.

These look very comfortable for any yoga-specific workouts and I’d highly recommend trying it! It would definitely be more appropriate to wear these for yoga than sweatpants.



11. 4-rth Men’s Eco-Track Pant

White Eco-Track Pants

The modal fabric makes this option a bit more pricey, but are definitely more comfortable and provide a higher-quality look. The loose fitting style offers men a chance to feel comfortable in their “manly” legs (mostly cause most men are not necessarily proud of their legs).

So if you have a bigger budget, this would definitely be the best option. Plus, they look cool!



12. VESNIBA Yoga Pants

VESNIBA Yoga Pants

The last option I’m listing compares to #1, 2, 5, and 7 except this time the mesh design is far more intense! Which looks very modern and very stylish.

The extra mesh sections allow the material to breathe better and by having 100% polyester fabric, you can feel assured these pants will be super comfortable and fashionable.




White colored yoga pants make the wearer look brighter, more positive, and brings a nice atmosphere to a room. The white is pure in its style and the mesh/fabric designs combine to offer some very flattering options.

I hope this list has given some great ideas as far as white yoga pants on Amazon.

Which option was your favorite? Share your opinion in the comments below!

If you need more ideas on yoga pants, I’d highly recommend reading the article: Hot Yoga Fashion.

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Best of luck with your yoga pants!


April 2018

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