Don’t know what angora is? Be prepared to experience the softest, comfortable, and cozy clothing material on Earth!

Angora Rabbit Fur

Yes, underneath all this fur is the single most comfy type of bunny you might ever see. There are four different kinds of Angora rabbit (Giant, Satin, French, and English) that produce enough fur to be made into Angora wool.

Angora wool is mostly made in China (nearly 90% of all Angora fur), though Europe, Chile, and the US pronounce a bit too. Known for its thin fibers and ultra-softness, angora fur is light and warm – and the halo effect (the fluffiness) make it feel as though it’s floating on top of your skin!

Characteristics of Angora Wool

Angora wool is known to be:

  • lighter and warmer than most other animal furs
  • extremely fine and soft
  • antistatic
  • lustrous and durable
  • classified as “luxury fiber”
  • high heat retention
  • best moisture-wicking characteristics compared to other natural fibers
  • 20% less in weight compared to common wool
  • easy to dye
  • alternative for people allergic to wool
  • helps arthritis symptoms (click here for an example)

But, as with many animal products (like fur), there can be inhumane ways to acquire and harvest the fur from this cute little rabbits. So when purchasing Angora wool products, please make sure to ensure proper treatment of the animals!

In other words, make sure you’re not indirectly supporting ANIMAL ABUSE when buying Angora fabrics.

A.K.A. Cruelty-Free

This is obviously a controversial subject to bring up, but it is, of course, worth mentioning. Just take things with a grain of salt and be an educated consumer. If you’re curious about the conversations regarding Angora rabbit abuse, consider reading’s article on PETA’s possibly staged example on the subject.

So, although there are a view options on Amazon, you can quickly see there is very little information. Most of the time (not all the time), manufactured leg warmers can sometimes cut back on animal treatment. Handmade items can be trusted a bit more when it comes to the quality of wool, and in this case, the quality of animal care.

All these options I list are from Etsy, because they are all HANDMADE. You would then be more than welcome to contact each shop and ask specifically where they bought the wool.

Top 6 Etsy Angora Legwarmers

1. Barmine’s Angora Laced Legwarmers

Barmine Angora Leg Warmer

As an Etsy business with nearly 2,000 positive customer reviews, these taupe legwarmers are hand knitted with a silk ribbon woven into the angora fiber.

  • Around $38
  • 4 colors (indigo, white, navy, taupe)
  • Made in a pet free, smoke-free environment
  • Made with 5 needles so there are no seams

The Etsy business has been around since 2012 and has plenty of photos to demonstrate the fine craftsmanship. Gift wrapping options are available to this “made to order” accessory!

2. NavaVK Angora Socks


Angora mohair socks may not be legwarmers, but since these socks are long, they can function in the same way!

These hand knitted socks are warm, soft, and extremely cozy due to the angora mohair. And the fact there are multiple sizes makes it very custom fit.

3. fromsilkroad Angora Dyed Leg Warmers

fromsilkroad Handknitted Angora Leg Warmers

Taking the more traditional route, these leg warmers offer a plaid style of 100% angora wool where it is dyed to make pink (or “raspberry red”) in the picture above. But they do make other colors as well.

This company on Etsy is the oldest, having started in 2010 and also has the best quality of angora wool. The German angora wool is taken from organic conditions in the Jullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. With 3-ply yarn for knitting, natural fibers, and natural dyes, the material is sturdy and meant to last.

4. FancyyFeets Peach Angora Leg Warmers

FancyyFeet Angora Leg Warmers

Perfect option as an accent with any boots or just as a way to keep your legs warm, these hand knitted boot cuffs are completely angora wool and offer great quality from a 4-year-old business from Latvia.

The BEST option when it comes to color options. And for a company with only four years of experience, they’ve received over 800 positive customer reviews. A wonderful option when looking for angora leg warmers.

5. KnittedWarmGifts Angora Rose Leg Warmers

KnittedWarmGifts Rose Angora Leg Warmers

A wonderful option when looking for designs to be woven into your angora socks. The picture above is only one style of rose design, so be sure to check out their other options!

Although “KnittedWarmGifts” is a newer company with only 3 years on Etsy, they have amassed over 400 positive reviews from supporting customers. Have a look at this shop from Estonia!

6. BoottiqueInc Two-Tone Nordic Leg Warmers

Nordic Angora Leg Warmers

And finally, the best for last! This pair of two-tone Nordic designed leg warmers are the cheapest and (in my opinion) most stylish, especially for the cold months coming ahead.

  • Around $9 (was $20, but now on sale!)
  • Angora wool
  • Hand woven snowflake design
  • Slight stretch to fit most sizes

BoottiqueInc is a shop on Etsy that has been around since 2013 with over 500 positive customer reviews. With this time, their “closeout” deal saves you over $10! So jump on it now before they change it back! These look most comfortable. And though I love angora wool, the halo effect can take away from a “clean” look sometimes. But these legwarmers offer a more slick, commercial look without cutting back on softness!


Angora leg warmers are very “in” right now and by buying on Etsy, you can have some unique and genuine pairs to use for yoga, sleep, cold weather, or general comfort!

Always be sure to know where you buy Angora wool products because a customer without care is the reason so many animals suffer!

I hope you found this article useful!

Feel free to comment below and I’ll make sure to reply back – let me know which is your favorite option!

Best of luck with all your leg warmer needs!


Oct. 2018

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