If you’re wondering why you feel sick or “off” today, you may consider asking yourself if your chakras are aligned or just a bit unbalanced. If you find you need help balancing your chakras, no need to panic! There are some easy and passive ways to restore chakra balance, such as chakra healing jewelry!

Chakra Healing Jewelry

The greatest aspect of chakra healing jewelry is not only the fact they aid in the balancing of your energy flow, but they are very fashionable nowadays (not to mention their unique look!).

I personally love jewelry that has a meaning and purpose behind the edgy look.

So in this article, I will be introducing you to 7 different options you’ll want to consider when looking into chakra healing jewelry. BUT FIRST.

Let me give a reference table for the chakras, color, and related gemstone. A happy customer is an informed one!

Chakra: Location: Color: Gemstones:
Crown Top of the head, slightly to the back Purple Calcite, diamond, herkimer diamond, moonstone, opal, quartz, zircon
Third-Eye Forehead between the eyes Indigo Amethyst, Fluorite, Sugilite
Throat In the front at the base of the neck, at the midpoint of collarbone Blue Amazonite, aquamarine, azurite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, sodalite, turquoise
Heart Center of the breastbone Green (or Rose) Bloodstone, chrysocolla, dioptase, emerald, jade, malachite, peridot, rose quartz, tourmaline
Solar Plexus Just above the navel or belly button Yellow Amber, citrine, gold, pyrite, rutilated quartz, tiger eye
Sacral Lower abdomen Orange Agate, carnelian
Root Base of the spine Red Coral, gamet, jasper, rhodonite, ruby, smoky quartz

The below options are chakra healing jewelry that I would recommend. There are many options other than these, but I personally love the way these look and feel they offer the best quality (which in turn offers the best healing characteristics – I’d say!).

1. Energy Muse Chakra Healing Bracelet

Muse Chakra BraceletThese beautiful colorful beads are strung together on an elastic cord than contain the appropriate chakra stones to help balance, align and cleanse all seven of the major chakras. While you only spend around $80, you get amazing quality and THREE bracelets.

  • No metal
  • Includes smokey quartz, carnelian, citrine, rose quartz, turquoise, fluroite, quartz crystal
  • 7.5″ in diameter
  • Handcrafted in the USA

When you ask if it “actually works,” Energy Muse guarantees that these stones are “activated” in their sacred healing room to ensure effectiveness. If you wear them for 40 days straight (while removing them at night), you reach optimum results! Not too hard to do.

2. Sedmart Tree of Life Chakra Jewelry

Tree of Life Chakra Healing Necklace

Not only does this chakra healing bracelet have the correct stones, but it has been shaped into the “Tree of Life” which symbolized a fresh start on life, good health, positive energy, and a bright future.

  • Handmade
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • 31″ in length plus 2″ pendant
  • Pendant includes these stones: quartz crystal, pink crystal, amethyst, green aventurine, blue-veins stone, red agate, redstone
  • 30-day no-risk return policy
  • Comes with black velvet bag

The very cool thing about this necklace is that it comes with MANY various design options.

Owl Chakra Healing Necklace

Tree of Life Pendant


3. SPUNKYsoul Chakra Balancing Leather Wrap Bracelet

SPUNKYsoul Chakra Balancing Leather Warp Bracelt

SpunkySoul has definitely made this list with flying colors – I LOVE leather on bracelets, so for me, this bracelet is by far one of my favorites. Among the chakra stones, this designer has also placed crystal glass and hematite in the mix. Hematite is known to create a protective environment or a type of energy “shield” around the wearer.

  • Handmade
  • 19.5″ in length and adjustable to up to 2″ longer
  • Sterling silver button closure
  • If a gift, it comes with a gift box and a chakra meaning card
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

Leather always makes jewelry more comfortable in my opinion. The descriptions of this product and the money back guarantee really help you feel like the designer cares about their customers. Which is really nice and refreshing!

4. JADENOVA Chakra Energy Healing Crystal Pendulum Necklace

JADENOVA Chakra Pendulum Necklace

This beautifully modern pendant is hexagonal in shape and adheres 7 well-crafted gemstones together to make a spiritually inspired chakra healing necklace. I love the fact the chain is hypoallergenic, yet durable and stainless steel.

  • The pendant is 1.5″x0.39″ with an 18″ chain
  • Hypoallergenic chain (lead and nickel free)
  • 7 layers of gemstones: natural amethyst, lapis lazuli, synthetic aquamarine, green aventurine, yellow tiger eye, red agate, and red jasper
  • Comes with a grey velvet pouch and drawstring

Jadenova also has a different variation of the hexagonal shape. Here’s another option for this same style!

Jadenova Hexagonal Chakra Necklace VariationMy biggest concerns would be weight since it looks like solid gemstones! But the shipping weight for both variations is only 1.6 ounces, so I don’t think the pendant itself is too heavy. With its lobster claw clasps and stainless steel chains, these necklaces seem very durable as well. And they both have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon!

5. SUNDEAR Couples Chakra Healing Bracelets

SUNDEAR Chakra Healing Bracelets

Adding the elephant might be a bit more “cutesy,” but the symbol of the elephant means strength, power, longevity, stamina, wisdom, and moderation. These bracelets not only help balance the chakras by containing the relevant gemstones, but are also created to be for two people (couples in this case, but any two people really!).

  • 90-day warranty
  • 2 bracelets for the price of one
  • White howlite stones for “her”
  • Black matte agate stones for “him”

Though they explicitly say “him” and “her,” I think these colors would look good on anyone, no matter their gender. I really like the white! It can be gift-wrapped and has one-day shipping options. Amazon’s customer rating is 4.5 out of 5!

6. Top Plaza Chakra Healing Set of 3

Top Plaza Chakra Jewelry Set of 3

If you’re looking for the most “bang for your buck,” Top Plaza offers an amazing set of 3 jewelry items: Bracelet, Necklace, and Earrings. But remember you get what you pay for – the quality may not be the best, but you definitely get the most!

  • Necklace: amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue agate, green aventurine, yellow amber, red amber, win red amber
  • Bracelet: amethyst, tiger eye’s stone, green aventurine, yellow amber, carnelian, simulated lapis lazuli, simulated opal
  • The necklace is 20″ in length
  • Includes velvet bag

Top Plaza claims that blockages affect the flow of energy between our chakras can negatively affect our health. By helping balance them with the correct gemstones, we can help maintain optimum physical and mental health. This product may only have 4 out of 5 stars, but they’ve been around for over 2 years now and offer a good amount for the price.

Definitely, consider this options if you are low on funds. If not, shoot for one of the other options!

7. PWMEN Mala Beaded Chakra Bracelet with Wood Jasper

PWMEN Chakra Mala Bracelet

Last, but far from least, this amazing mala bead bracelet with chakra stones and jasper wood. I must admit this one has become my favorite.

  • 100% authentic
  • 108 Mala beads of 8mm diameter
  • 7 chakra gemstones and jasper wood for healing and balance
  • The entire piece is 34″ in diameter, but can be wrapped into 3 or 4 layers for wearing on the wrist

Each stone and wood bead is strung on a durable elastic thread string with a pendant of Buddha imprinted in steel. The added benefits of wood jasper include the replenishing of physical energy, healthy roots, brings tranquillity and symbolizes compassion and patience.

A truly symbolic piece of jewelry this one.

The religious meaning of “mala beads” (or prayer beads) are to enable one to count each time a mantra is said. The tradition is to recite a mantra 100 time and then the remaining 8 is to fix any mistakes in the process (and probably relates to the 8 fold path in Buddhist philosophy).

PWMEN also has another version of this mala beaded chakra bracelet that I really like.

Mala Beaded Chakra Healing Bracelet Variation


I hope this article highlights some wonderful finds that you can agree with – authenticity is key, but as long as the gemstones are 100% gemstones, the stylish effect can be somewhat similar. As far as the healing properties go, I would highly recommend the 1st choice.

For overall recommendations, out of these 7 options, I would lean more toward number 1, 4, and 7. I’ll list them again below for ease of access:

If you’re new to the whole “chakra” philosophy, I would highly recommend reading into it with a few articles I’ve written:

Have you worn chakra healing jewelry before? Have you felt a difference after wearing them for 40 days straight? I’m very curious about your experience! Please share with our community by commenting below. Or feel free to share your opinion by doing the same.

Thanks for reading! And best of luck balancing those chakras.

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Samantha · April 13, 2018 at 9:37 am

Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Actually, that is the most important article out of the ones I’ve read regarding chakra healing jewelry. I already have seen jewelry like this but I didn’t know you could expect good health, positive energy, and a bright future such as from Tree of Life Chakra Jewelry. I don’t know of this necklace, different than the one’s I have seen. Anyway, this is a very nice and informative post for such a cool subject like Chakra Healing Jewelry.
Thanks for sharing with us!

    Chase Chandler · April 13, 2018 at 11:30 am

    I’m glad you found this article useful! I think I’ve gathered some pretty great options that not only offer some great benefits, but also make for good fashion accessories. The benefits can be quite surprising, right? Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Feel free to sign up for the newsletter so I can share more findings with you!

James John · April 15, 2018 at 12:22 pm

I’ve read your article about the chakra stones and how they are used to help balance, align, and cleanse all seven of the major chakras.

I have heard about chakras, and I know they are energy points in our body, but if you could help me understand just how stones and beautiful colored beads actually effect them, I would really be grateful.

To the best of my limited knowledge, I thought that Yoga had an effect on our chakras, but I can’t quite figure out how external items bear any weight on them.

Many thanks for such a wonderful article.


    Chase Chandler · April 17, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Hi James – that’s a great question, thanks for asking. With the right “external items” in place, our chakrasare supposed to align when the energies provided by them. In this case, stones are known to provide different energies based on their chemical makeup and these “energies” are then to help our Chakra energy align more naturally – most likely due to the presence of natural stones and natural energies. 

    Unfortunately, there is little quality research done to help prove the reality of chakras and their related elements. Some say the placebo effect is the culprit for “belief” in healing stones, while others could possibly explain the reason behind its existent far more inarguably than myself.

    My greatest suggestion would be to try it out yourself and see if you can tell the difference! To each their own – if it makes some people happy to where stones that help “heal” their chakras, then more power to them! After all, it’s hard to disprove the existence of chakra/stone interconnection without more research. I hope this helps a bit!

Furkan · May 27, 2018 at 8:55 am

My aunt is really into this stuff and I wanted to get her a present since her birthday is coming. I actually don’t know much about this but I think Sedmart Tree of Life Chakra Jewelry is a safe option with a 30 days money back guarantee and the stones look really cool. Thank you for sharing these options for chakra healing jewelry that is very useful.

    Chase Chandler · May 29, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    I love the Sedmart necklace – definitely one of my favorite out of these options, so very nice choice! I’m glad I could help with this article and I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect present for your aunt! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Christopher · June 4, 2018 at 7:24 pm

Hi Chase:

I am aware of Chakras because of my adventurous days into the counterculture of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s!

I have never practiced Chakra clearing although I have always been aware that I may need to do that. Especially that one located at the breastbone since I carry a lot of anxiety there.

And I was not aware of the power of stones. Do stones always have to be in correct balance? Can other kinds of stones beside what you mention here be effective?

These are very beautiful and stylish. Especially beautiful is the JADENOVA Pendulum Necklace.

Thank you for a most interesting and informative post!

    Chase Chandler · June 4, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    I’m glad you found it interesting! I always thought chakra healing jewelry was both beautiful and interestingly useful. To answer your question, the stones I listed were the ones I found from multiple website (the most credible source being EnergyMuse.com). It’s unfortunate that there are very few scientifically sound experiments when it comes to chakra/stone relationship, but the ones listed have been handed down through thousands of years of practice – from my understanding. The best way to find out if something works for you is to try it! Best of luck. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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