Each of the seven chakras play a vital importance to your overall health. A routine balancing and cleansing of the seven chakras will help keep you healthy, wealthy and wise.

A simple balancing exercise that can help cleanse your seven chakras is meditation. The first step is to get into a meditative state, by sitting in a comfortable position and removing distractions. Meditation is used for discovering whether you are in balance or not and if not, calming the mind is the best way to obtain balance.

Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation is a technique that helps us to determine if we are out of balance and can help recenter our chakras, especially the seven major chakras listed below.

The 7 Chakras and their colors:

  • the Root Chakra (red)
  • the Navel Chakra (orange)
  • the Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)
  • the Heart Chakra (green)
  • the Throat Chakra (blue)
  • the Brow Chakra (indigo)
  • the Crown Chakra (violet)

Chakra meditation is meant to open and cleanse the chakras, allowing more balance into one’s life. Most people choose to do all the chakras at once, but it is also possible to target a specific energy center around which one is having trouble. Imbalance can occur from two issues: too much openness in a chakra(s) or too much tension (maybe a blockage) in a chakra.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

This chakra meditation will target all seven major chakras from greater alignment. As you work with it, you may notice areas of greater blockage or areas which are stronger or overpowering. Simply take note of the condition of each of your energy centers and feel free to spend more time in some areas.

If a specific area is easy and comfortable to meditate on, that is a sign of balance. When it is extremely “friendly” to be in, to the point where you don’t wish to move on, however, that is a sign of attachment or too much openness. On the other hand, any aversion or negative feelings you associate with a chakra, color, or area of the body indicates that the energy center is closed or blocked.

There is no need to force anything. Be gentle with yourself and use a lot of patience!


This is standing meditation, which may come as a new experience for you. Your stance is to be erect but relaxed, pulling you deep into your body. Place your feet as close together as is comfortable for you, as long as you maintain sturdiness and balance. Imagine a string comping from the top back of your head to the ceiling, from which you are hanging. Roll your shoulders up and then back, drawing your shoulder blades down and gently towards each other. Stretch out the fingers as if you are trying to touch the floor. Tuck your pelvis slightly for perfect alignment. Finally, place your hands in prayer position at your heart center and begin the meditation.

How to Focus the Chakras During Meditation

Begin by deepening the breath and letting it fill your belly, then your lungs, and let it out slowly, first from the chest, then the belly. Count long, deep belly breaths. Feel your feet connecting fully with the ground. Notice how strong the columns of your legs are.

Now imagine, extending down between the legs, an energy, which comes both down from your body and up from the East. Feel as if it is an anchor. It may be the color “red” for you, or perhaps it is a dingy, rusty color. It may be bright white! It is a sensation of feeling grounded, centered and strong. If someone were to come and try to push you over, you could not be uprooted. This energy would help you hold your ground. Focus here until this sensation or feeling of being rooted is strong for you. It may come as an awareness of the muscles in the legs and buttocks or thought that the feet have merged with the ground.

Next, pull that strong energy up and focus it in the center of the pubic bone or right at the sex organs. The red of the root chakra turns orange when it reaches this center. It may be a different color for you. It may be dull or dingy, or you may even feel the energy rather than see it in your mind. You should allow yourself to feel whatever arises from this center but feel it with detachment. Sexual wounds, sexual desire, the drive to meet and impress people, to be creative, to express oneself and experience pleasure stems from this chakra.

Are these drives or aversions overwhelming you? Imagine being perfectly at peace with and embracing your sexual nature. Allow yourself to feel sensual and desirable, and imagine yourself in a wonderful performance or creating and sharing beautiful art. Channel your sexual energy into a positive feeling for yourself and the belief in your own happiness.

Then allow this positive feeling coming up from the floor or the root and being empowered in the sacral chakra to tough the naval chakra right behind the belly button. The red and orange now turn a golden, mustard yellow as they encounter the fires of drive, ego, and ambition. Like desire, this is also hunger, but it usually manifests in overheating, a need to control, the recognition of the self as an “I” or an ego, and the want of material success and status. In the chakra below, you have chosen happiness, in this chakra, balance further by recognizing your own fear, ambition, and will to survive in all other creatures on Earth. Choose to use your strength to help others.

Once you accept this, you are ready to pull this golden energy up toward the heart, where it turns a radiant and lovely green. Sorrow, grief, and betrayal shut down this center quite early in our lives. It takes understanding and loving others to reopen and balance it. In the naval chakra, we recognized our own selfish drives as the universal will to live and be, which is the first step toward compassion. In the heart center, we use compassion and forgiveness to further rid ourselves of fear and to bravely choose a life spirituality and love.

This choice gleefully allows energy to flow into the throat. The indigo energy of the throat is our higher drive. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings, we cannot be one or the other, we must be all three. Here we recognize our many natures and seek wisdom from our higher selves. We pull the indigo energy up in to the “Third Eye,” between the eyes of the brow, where it becomes light violet.

Our intellect is what allows us to be self-reflective, which is the only path to spirituality. Without self-awareness and the ability to reason, we could never be fully developed humans. This is the center for insight, but it is not the highest mind. This lies in the crown chakra, just above our heads.

The energy from the root chakra has traveled through every energy center, becoming cleansed and combining with more and more complex wavelengths. It is finally ready to be fully cleansed in the deep violet and bright white of the crown chakras. Simply imagine this energy pouring from the root, up the body and out of the top of the head like a fountain as it envelops you and renews your entire aura.


In order for your body system to function optimally, all the chakras should be in balance, as one unbalanced vortex could have an adverse effect on the entire system, and may eventually lead to physical illness and other problems.

The importance of the 7 chakras go far beyond the explanations presented in this article, but I hope this has given a simple introduction. Take time and focus on your overall health by examining each of the seven chakras through this meditation technique. If you’re interested, I invite you to read more about the 7 chakras.

What do you think? Does the chakra meditation have potential?

Let me know what you think! Always excited to hear from the community.


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