I wanted to introduce one of the first experiments I’ve conducted after researching how to heal with sound frequencies.

Press PLAY on the embedded SoundCloud player below to hear my 5-minute experimental piece of relaxing piano music meant to heal the crown chakra.

It has been deemed VERY effective by a Reiki healer in Arizona.

About This Piece

You may not have noticed, but the enttire piece was 8 Hz lower than our standard Western tuning! Usually, across all music nowadays including orchestras, radio songs, broadway musicals, basically any music in the West, is tuned to A = 440 Hz. All other notes in our tuning system is then based around this fact.


In this experimental piece, I’ve detuned the piano sound library and all the other electronic instruments and effects to A = 432 Hz. I bet you didn’t even catch that, right? 8 Hz lower to create a warmer atmsophere while also becoming pinpoint accurate to the Crown chakra.

The Purpose

The purpose behind tuning this piece 8 Hz lower is to resonate with a specific chakra, in this case the Crown chakra. 288 Hz resonates with the Third Eye chakra and the other 5 chakras also have specific frequencies associated with them. But the Crown chakra has been related to 432 Hz.

I won’t go into detail here, but I would highly recommend reading my article on all this research I did – Healing With Sound Frequencies.

I named this piece, “Pinnacle Mind,” because the frequencies used (all multiples and divisions of 432 Hz) resonate with the crown chakra. So this piece is highlighting the top of our heads, the pinnacle of our being.

432 HzCrown Chakra Sound Healing

How was it made?

The way I go about creating most of my healing, meditation, or study music is more improvisitory – in that most of it is made up on the spot of the recording.

I generally begin with a rough idea (i.e. I have these chords and I want to go for these emotions), but other than that, the rhythms, melodies, and overall structure is ad lib. or made up on the spot.

I find this freedom allows me to shape things more organically. I have, of course, written full length pieces without improvisation – for example, operas, 5-movement mixed ensemble pieces, duets, trios, choir peices, etc. But improvizing pieces is on another level.

By creating the music in the moment, I find it makes the music more personal. And this personal touch, I hope, can be felt between the listener and the music.


I know this article is very short, but I only wanted to take a moment and introduce the community of MusicalGrowth to my newest creation.

I’m currently working on an album for LeilaAmani.com to specifically create music to heal each chakra. As I compose, Leila Amani tests their effectiveness and so far, so good! As a Reiki healer herself, I trust in her judgement more than mine. She’s FAR more sensitive to “feeling” chakras than I am, so I’m very lucky in having her trail run these tracks.

I hope to release this album in June 2018 – but we’ll see!

If you’re curious about my philosophy on music, I would recommend reading these articles:

Thanks for reading!


April 2018

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