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*dedicated to my loving mother



“Piano Steps” is an improvisatory album with a calming and atmospheric mix of solo piano, nature sounds, and contemplative development – perfect for meditation, study, or general relaxation.


Each track is about 5-minutes long, so the entire album consists of over an hour of music! Here are the names for each track:

1. Wind Chimes (read more)

2. Turning the Compass

3. Misty Mornings

4. Calming Sea

5. Birds Among Waves (read more)

6. Endless Stories

7. Hearts That Murmur

8. Rise of Energy

9. Under the Sun

10. Subdued Thrills

11. Withheld Whisperings

12. Kinetic Metal

13. Taking Time Evolving

14. Woodland Steps

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The creation of the album, “Piano Steps,” started in January 2018 and was released on August 28, 2018.

Organic 5-minute piano improvisations were recorded and edited to produce interesting flows of development and musical thought-processes. “Improvisation” is a form of meditation in a way – taking a simplistic musical idea and altering it slightly over the course of 5-minutes, focusing on overall shape and movement.

Chase Cover Shot

Chase Chandler, the musician/producer behind the album, uses improvisation as a form of meditation by closing his eyes and allowing musical ideas to flow into each other. This album goes about recording this process in order to share a raw and personally human listening experience with the MusicalGrowth.com community.

From calming nature sounds to soaring piano melodies, this album serves as a wonderful aid in studying, meditation, or general relaxation. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere!


“Piano Steps” is dedicated to my wonderful mother who is the reason I play piano in the first place. She worked hard in allowing me the opportunity to take piano lessons at the young age of 3-yrs-old and continued to take me to and from piano lessons when I was 9-yrs-old. 

I dedicate this album to my mom because without her sacrifice in allowing for those piano lessons, I probably wouldn’t be the musician I am today without that initial musical influence. And also, a big thanks to her for allowing me to practice as much as I did growing up. Music blaring 24/7 from my room (between piano, trumpet, & voice) requires a lot of patience from the innocent bystanders in the household!

Where was this album created?

Chases Office_Smaller

In my personal studio in Southern California!

Everything on this album was created and completed by yours truly, including:

  • Album Art
  • Composition
  • Recording/Mixing/Producing

Interested in reading more about me?

Feel free to read my about page here!

Thanks for listening to the music of MusicalGrowth.com!

Every stream on Spotify is worth much less than 1 cent! So if you’d like to support me, I’d invite you to buy the album on iTunes, CD Baby, or Amazon. Or you may peruse the articles on this website and purchase something off a product click.

Best of luck with all your music needs!


Sept. 2018

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