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An 8-track album passionately created to enhance reiki healing and meditation, “Once Hidden” is a well-researched, highly-effective tool to enhance reiki healing using properly tailored frequencies and modern, relaxing, acoustically inspired music.


  • Reiki Practitioners to use during sessions
  • People who wish to meditate on individual chakras or relax more easily into meditation
  • People needing help relaxing and getting better sleep  

Listen now:

In the Spring of 2018, Chase Chandler ( and Leila Marrash (, LLC) teamed up to combine their vastly different skill-sets in a project that sets the worlds of music and energy healing on the same wavelength… literally. 

Chase, a musician and composer, and Leila, a Reiki practitioner and lifestyle coach, set out to produce an 8-track album that takes an individual on a journey through the chakras. 

The goal? 

To produce 7 short meditation tracks, each track corresponding to each of the 7 most recognized chakras, along with an 8th track that combines all 7 tracks, providing a longer meditation for the individual or background healing music to enhance the client experience during reiki sessions. 

Tracks on “Once Hidden”:

  1. Deeply Rooted (root chakra)
  2. In the Flow (sacral chakra)
  3. Will of a Warrior (solar plexus chakra)
  4. Happy Heart (heart chakra)
  5. Whispers in the Wind (throat chakra)
  6. Beyond the Veil (3rd eye chakra)
  7. Becoming One (crown chakra)
  8. The Journey (all 7 chakras)

After much research, crafting, testing and revising, the final product is truly heaven on the ears, and creates beautiful imagery for the third eye while bringing tranquility to the heart and mind. 

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Those who have trouble sleeping may even find this album helpful for clearing an overactive mind and putting the body in a more restful state. 

For those unfamiliar, chakras are the energy pools that run along the center of the body, from the base of the spine through the crown of the head, each corresponding to different organs and various physical, emotional and spiritual states of being. 


  • Each track is around 5 to 6 minutes in length
  • The last track (track 8) combines all tracks into a continuous flow roughly 35-min. long

Chases Office_Smaller*where the music was made*

Maintaining balance and an unrestricted flow of energy throughout the chakra system is vital to one’s health and well-being. 

When an individual’s energy is balanced and free-flowing, a person may appear radiant and exhibit a great deal of compassion and creativity. 

To craft effective tracks, with the right quality, sound, and feeling, Chase and Leila contributed their specific expertise. 

Chase researched the sounds associated with each chakra, to create tracks that resonated powerfully in each energy center. He then used his creative flair and intuition to create sounds that painted vivid images of nature in the mind. The listener will find him or herself riding waves rolling into shore, floating on wind blowing through the trees, and being pulled up a stairway to heaven by a happy heart. 

Taking Chase’s rough drafts, Leila tested out each track on herself and clients. She provided information on the chakras, including the specific states of being associated with each one, and the general feeling each track should create within an individual, along with feedback on focal points within the tracks and overall effectiveness.

It has been a long, yet extremely rewarding adventure!

Interested in the deep research behind the music? Read MusicalGrowth’s article:

*Healing with Sound Frequencies*

Healing with Sound Frequencies

We are very excited to announce our new album and even more excited to share with the world the newest discovery in music healing. Our hope is that people find peace and safety within the 70-min of music and come to listen to it’s healing ability over and over. 

It’s taken almost half a year to perfect every detail in the music and the album art, but we couldn’t be more proud of the results!

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We’re excited we’ve “dropped the album” on 9.28.18! Check this page for updates and more details. Because IT’S OFFICIAL, the album has been released on September 15th, 2018! We even have the UPC scan code as proof!


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