This short, but warm piano piece was composed for @natalie_paulina_veijanen after she commissioned me to write a piece to express “peace.”

I’m always happy to compose calming music, but when she told me of an old dream of hers to take lessons and be able to play piano, I had an idea.

I would compose a piece easy enough to learn for a beginner!

"Peaceful Waters" - piano solo

I entitled this piece, “Peaceful Waters,” because of the flowing, rhythmic 8th notes accompanying the simplistic melody. There are really only two primary chord in this short, 1-min piece: C-major and F-major. I chose the key for obvious reasons – no accidentals to worry about! Makes things far easier for a beginner.

The reason behind the commission started from a celebratory post on MusicalGrowth’s Instagram account (@MusicalGrowth). I offered to write original music for 5 people and out of the pieces I wrote, I chose this was to share! Mainly because I’ve decided to provide the sheet music for this piano piece for FREE.

So if you liked this piano piece enough, you are more than welcome to download the PDF and begin learning it! I would love if you contacted me when you’re able to play it – I truly hope this piece inspires you to learn.

Click the button above to download the one page PDF document of “Peaceful Waters.” 

DISCLAIMER: Please be respectful though and only use this for educational or recreational purposes. DO NOT sell this or distribute without permission. It is owned by Chase Chandler and written on May 21, 2018. If you’d like to perform it, you are more than welcome to! I would love if you record the performance and contact me though – I would be honored to see it performed!


I’ve taught private music lessons for over 8 years now and I’m beginning to realize how little repertoire there is for the beginning music student.

If you found this piece useful and are looking for me, please drop me a comment below. Let me know! If you’d like a piece commissioned for yourself, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help you out!

Best of luck learning this piece – let me know if I can help you out in anyway! It shouldn’t be too difficult to learn.

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