With Christmas around the corner, you may be searching for gift ideas for a nephew, cousin, friend, or significant other who has a passion or an interest in “meditation.” It makes things even more difficult if the gift giver has very little knowledge of meditation or the practice of calming the mind.

Meditation Gift Ideas

Etsy is a wonderful source for genuine and unique gift ideas for your meditating friend, but be careful! If you’re spending money to improve someone’s meditation experience or attract their meditation mentality, make sure you go about it the right way.

Before I give a few options, here are some things to keep in mind when approaching meditation gifts:

  • Meditation is an act of calming the mind and slowing thoughts, so accessories (or gifts) aren’t necessary to meditate. But they CAN definitely improve one’s meditation experience.
  • Themed accessories (clothes, jewelry, decor, etc.) can help improve a room’s atmosphere, thus inspiring improved meditation. Themes can include: quotes/sayings, Buddhist philosophies, trees or nature, gemstones, essential oils, maybe even yoga equipment, books, audio/music, guided meditation CDs, headphones, etc.
  • Go for utility!

Here are some BAD gifts for meditators:

  • Clocks, watches, or anything that displays time.
  • SciFi themed things (a.k.a. science fiction – while they make great gifts, they aren’t necessarily great meditation gifts)
  • The wrong essential oils that excite versus calm (i.e. wild orange or lemon may not be the best; instead, try cardamom or lavender)
  • Fidget ring or spinner (meditators are usually trained not to move! This encourages anxiety for most)
  • Metal decor, unless it is shaped or inferring to nature (Earthy materials are better in my opinion)
  • Stay away from gifts that take advantage of the materialized industry of “new age” health. Usefulness is the biggest factor when deciding on a meditation gift.

So hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to look for as far as thoughtful and useful meditation gifts.

And to further help, I’ll now list a few of the best gift ideas for meditators from Etsy shops! I hope it helps.

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1. SoulRole’s Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow
So, as our first example, this gift idea has all the utility and thoughtfulness you might need in a gift. Lavender is a known herb to help alleviate nerves and anxiety (my wife and I use it on our anxious chihuahua all the time) and the silk material allow for utmost comfort on the face’s sensitive skin.

  • Around $23
  • Handmade item of 10″ x 3.5″
  • Organic cotton, hemp, and silk
  • Organic flax seed and lavender
  • Can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer

SoulRole is a wonderfully received shop on Etsy with 5 out of 5 stars from nearly 1,000 customer reviews! There are also other material options including cotton sateen or seagrass (though you must message for different materials). If gift wrapped, they use 100% post-consumer tissue paper.

This item is made to order! The “freshness” is guaranteed but does take one to three weeks to ship. So plan accordingly!

As a meditation gift, this eye pillow helps darken the remaining light in a room as well as fill the senses with calming lavender. The silk material allows the meditator to relax without discomfort for as long as they wish. You can’t ask for more utility from a gift!

2. MangoTreesShop’s Foldable Meditation Cushion

Foldable Meditation CushionThis is another HIGHLY useful item for a meditator. In a world where the human body isn’t trained to be as resilient to hard surfaces (as compared to monks), the biggest challenge when meditating for a long period of time is staying comfortable!

  • Around $41
  • Handmade item of 50cm x 27cm x 28cm (folded)
  • Material – 100% handmade cotton fabric
  • Stuffing – 100% Kapok fibre

A foldable meditation cushion allows for comfort as well as ease of storage. With no chemicals or pesticides in the firm material, this durable cushion encourages improved posture for extended durations. This handmade item from Australia takes about 5 to 10 business days from this emerging Etsy shop!

If money is of no concern, check out this other option with memory foam: WaldenUS Meditation Cushion.

3. PondEddyWoodworking’s Mini Meditation Kit

Mini Meditation KitMost experienced meditators may have everything in this kit (incense, candles, rocks), but the quality of this mini altar is by far the best I’ve seen – especially for the price! I cannot believe everything PondEddyWoodworking is offering with this mini kit to help any starter with meditation or help a veteran meditator travel with their meditation gear.

  • Around $35
  • Handmade item from New York
  • Pinewood altar about 9″ x 7″ (3″ tall)
  • Kit includes: 1 Lotus incense burner, 6 incense, 2 candle holders, 6 candles, 1 glass jar with rocks
  • Color/stain variety

One of the best things about Etsy.com is that each item sold helps sustain someone’s creative lifestyle and individualized business. This item’s description contains a note from the artisan: “happy to send photos of the process while it’s being made.” This mini traveling kit is made by a REAL person from Sparrow Bush, New York.

When it comes to unique gift ideas for meditation enthusiasts, a custom-built meditation altar is definitely hard to beat.

4. EarthtoEthers Meditation Lotus Wrap

Meditation Lotus Wrap GiftThis item pairs well is “Number 2” on this list.

The Lotus Wrap allows for longer, more comfortable meditation by wrapping around your legs for back support, stabilization, spine alignment, and deeper relaxation. This light and compact wrap works better for meditation than a normal yoga strap and is easy to travel with (and can apparently even be used as an infinity scarf or head covering!).

  • Around $57
  • Handmade item from Canada (around 96″)
  • Ethically sourced, eco-friendly and natural rayon viscose
  • Includes 0.5 lbs. aluminum, scratch resistance, anti-slip buckle
  • Static-free, tear resistant, quick-dry characteristics
  • Machine washable (gentle cycle)

Like I’ve said before, one of the biggest hindrances for beginning meditators or those with back or joint problems is keeping a comfortable seated position. Sometimes a little support is all we need! With this back supporting wrap, one could potentially meditate for far longer with less concern for pain or discomfort. The usefulness doubles when worn as a scarf!

5. Fraximus Meditation Stool

Meditation Stool

I think every meditator prefers to meditate outdoors, but the problem is, there’s nowhere to sit – not without poor posture or a dirty seat. This foldable oak stool solves this issue by providing a leaning seat for improved meditation posture (where legs are crossed) without getting too dirty. The foldable legs allow for easy transportation as well! Love this idea, especially for the affordable price.

  • Around $33
  • Handmade from the UK (Standard 8″ high by 6″ wide)
  • 100% English oak wood (color/finish options)
  • Three height options
  • Brass plated steel hinges

The thoughtfulness of this creation is beyond most sellers. There are three options for height to ensure proper comfortability for the user and also four options for stain color (light, natural, medium dark, and dark). The oak wood and the steel hinges ensure a durable stool to last for years to come.

Although this gift is simple in its philosophy, for a meditator this is almost their saving grace. Simplicity is usually preferred, plus this provides the option to hike and meditate outside! I love this item and may buy myself one.

Worried about comfort? Don’t be!

Cushion for Meditation Stool

You can buy a custom-fit, cotton cushion for this exact stool: Fraximus Washable Cushion.

Not worried about a budget?

If money is of no concern, invest a little more in a posture certified option that is very similar: SPOKO Meditation Bench

Meditation Stool Curved

  • Around $86
  • Foldable and portable
  • Posture Certified by a Posturologist (Mat Boile)
  • Birchwood and made in Canada

This beautiful handmade meditation bench is curved Canadian birch wood and fits a bit better, especially because the design is certified by a posture specialist. This particular position helps improve circulation, energy, relax muscles, and encourage proper body alignment. And it is less than 4 pounds in weight!

6. Crystalgemstoneshop Meditation Palm Stones

Meditation Palm StoneMeditation stones can be a good gift depending on taste. Some meditators LOVE stones because it’s something to hold, feel, and ground the senses. Others are less fond of stones, usually because they’ve not tried anything like it. So for such a low price, a single stone could be the perfect gift to trail meditation stones.

  • Around $10
  • One handmade stone from Florida
  • 100% nuummite
  • Around 1 to 2 inches in diameter

This meditation stone is made of the gemstone nuummite, known for energy and connection with elemental forces within the earth. It is said that nuummite promotes self-development, inner power, and higher consciousness. Essentially this stone embodies “mystic energy” as it is called, so for meditation purposes, it is definitely suitable.

Prefer wood?

Worry WoodYou can buy a wood stone made of apricot wood used for the same thing: Worry Wood.

7. MayaGurStudio’s Meditation Under a Tree Painting

Meditation PaintingDecor can offer a different kind of utility for a meditator. Although it doesn’t physically help someone meditate, having appropriate reminders of simplicity and mindfulness can sometimes be all one needs. This original painting is printed on watercolor paper in the style of traditional Japanese calligraphy with a Japanese brush and black ink.

  • Around $17
  • 5 different sizes to choose from
  • Handmade item from Israel (standard size 11.8″ x 15.8″)
  • Watercolor 250-grain paper, watercolor paint, art print, Japanese brush style
  • Well protected for shipping

The minimalist style of Japanese brush style paintings is a perfect addition to any meditator’s decor. If you aren’t aware of the significance of this idea, Buddha was known to have found enlightenment under a Bodhi tree through meditation. So this simple painting is a reminder of this and everything encompassing the meditator’s philosophy.

8. MasonCreationsStudio’s Meditation Chair

Portable Meditation ChairThe options 2 and 4 on this list aid a meditator by improving their comfort, but when it comes to this portable meditation chair, the biggest problem is solved outright! With a backrest attached to the yoga mat covered chair, the comfort is unlike the other options. Full support means “no worries” when it comes to extended meditation.

  • Around $90
  • Handmade is Ashland, Oregon
  • Sturdy metal, collapsible frame for portability
  • Wood covered with a yoga mat for grip

The utility of this item is far beyond the other options, but consider whether the person who’s receiving your gift would appreciate the backrest. MOST would love the back support, but SOME appreciate the challenge of holding proper posture without exterior help. While this chair can solve back issues for frequent meditators, it could also promote laziness during meditation.

Make sure to consider all the options before purchases a meditation gift!


Meditation can, of course, be practiced without tools or accessories, BUT useful items like the ones in this list can definitely improve the experience for frequent meditators. Always consider how familiar the gift receiver is with meditation. A beginner could benefit from almost all accessories, but a frequent practitioner of meditation may have all they need.

The stools and posture aids I’ve presented in this list can help almost anyone who meditates.

My MOST favorite options from this list are:

I hope you found this list helpful! Etsy gifts are always a joy to purchase as gifts because they’re always so unique and personal. And all the while, you can feel good in supporting a small business and real people’s dreams of creating for others!


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Best of luck with all your meditation gift research!

Be sure to leave a comment if you need help with more ideas or if you’d like to offer any suggestions – I’ll be sure to read each one of them!

Thanks for reading,


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