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Singing bowls are amazing tools used to influence the mind and focus your thoughts. I was given an amazing handmade Tibetan singing bowl a few years ago and have really come to love it! 
Singing Bowls Sale Under $100

Don’t worry too much about the price! Although singing bowls can get quite expensive (especially the antique bowls), there are singing bowls sales with amazing options under $100 that you should consider.

Treat this small investment as a trial run, before buying bigger and better bowls ranging from $150 to $800 or more!

This article will only be mentioning metal alloy combinations (5 or more metals) and not quartz or ceramic singing bowls. They are fun options, but not traditional like the hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls that I’ll list (the most common type used).

Organization of this article:

  • Á la carte (just the bowl)
  • Bowls with a Cushion
  • Singing Bowl Kits
  • Purpose and Benefits

Á la carte (Just the Bowl)

If you’re concerned about price, please keep in mind that you get what you pay for – BUT, there are a few I would recommend. These options are obviously cheaper because there is no cushion included for the bowl (I don’t have a cushion, but I sometimes wish I did because I feel bad for my sacred bowl).

Shamans Market Singing Bowl

The Shamans Market bowls are hand hammered in Nepal and only costs $79!

  • Multiple harmonics
  • Three ring engraving
  • Hand hammered in Nepal
  • 3.5” tall by 6” diameter
  • 2.7 pounds

The important keyword here is “hand-hammered.” This means that the crafter personally makes sure the shape of the bowl creates a pure tone. Don’t buy a manufactured bowl. It’s best not to take the risk.

So the above bowl is created with traditional pounding techniques for the bottom half and then a smooth top to shape the vibrations of the metal which in turn create a pure wave-form or “sound.”

It comes with a wooden mallet with a felt cover on one end to use with the metal bowl without damaging the metal. The metal alloy itself is composed of Astadhatu gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc.

The possible downside of this bowl is that the pitch is undefined (or not tuned), though can still offer positive influence during meditation (it’s just not chakra specific). So if you’re looking for a specific healing pitch for a certain chakra, keep scrolling!

Bowls with Cushions

Most singing bowls online come with a cushion as well – the reason behind this is unknown to me, but I’m guessing it’s a cheap addition to attract more customers.

Online sources for singing bowls are mostly not of great quality – always check the customer reviews! Some reviews will even show a video demonstration so you can hear the resonance. If the bowl doesn’t “ring” longer than a few seconds, stay clear. There are far better options out there.

I’ve chosen a couple that are proven to be high-quality through customer reviews and popularity.

Silent Mind Singing Bowl

Silent Mind’s Antique Design Singing Bowl set is “Amazon’s Choice.”

  • 4” diameter
  • Wooden mallet with felt
  • 14.1 ounces in total
  • Hand Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow
  • Each bowl inspected for quality before shipping out

I’m always wary of the “antique design” bowls with print on the inside and outside, but a customer review by Derick Snow offers proof of the promised quality.

For a small bowl of about $35, it’s not a bad start for a beginner. More experienced singing bowls users may look past this commercial style bowl, but for a gift or a starter bowl, you can’t beat the price for the size and quality.

Sacred Space Singing Bowl

The Sacred Space Tibetan Singing Bowl (above) is far more simplistic than Amazon’s Choice:

  • Hand-hammered
  • Multi-layered tone
  • Metal alloy contains 80% copper and 20% tin
  • Cushion and “striker”
  • 2.25” tall and 5” in diameter

If you follow the above link, you’ll find a video showcase of this singing bowl. Compare the difference! Sacred Space’s bowl offers a ring that’s almost twice as long.

The multi-layered tone is definitely due to the copper/tin alloy. Great for beginning meditators, but again, not for professionals due to the lower price of around $52. But for a simple bowl, it’s a VERY good sale for the quality.

Buddha Groove Singing Bowl

Buddha Groove’s Singing Bowl is another great option!

  • Made by Tibetan artists in Nepal
  • 2.5” tall and 5” in diameter
  • Made of a metal mix
  • Antique finish allows for the non-felt side of the striker to be used too
  • Hand-hammered in traditional techniques

The price might be higher, but the quality speaks for itself. The tone is purer compared to tin alloys and the hand-hammered style almost guarantees a unique and perfected sound. With the free shipping in a single business (available for 48 states), this is a quick and high-quality solution if you want to try singing bowls here and now!

The felt wooden stick and the cushion will help keep the bowl in good condition even after use. I still wish I had a cushion for my singing bowl because I hate setting metal down on hard surfaces. This is a great deal and provides everything you need to get started with your singing bowl!

Tibetan Calendar Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl with Tibetan Calendar

  • Etched symbols
    • Tibetan Calendar on the outside
    • Buddha on the inside
  • 3” tall and 5.25” in diameter
  • Weighs 1.25 pounds
  • Includes wooden striker and cushion

The authentic etched symbols against the white offer a unique look, unlike most traditional singing bowls. You must be careful though with styles like these (most are bad quality), but fortunately, I trust Buddha Groove and they offer some great indications of high-quality craftsmanship.

This singing bowl is made in Nepal and consists of a metal alloy including gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead (the reason it weighs over a pound!).

Because it is handcrafted, no two bowls are alike and offer the owner a unique feeling with each bowl’s deep, humming vibrations that fill the room.

Special Singing Bowl

Special High-Quality Hand Hammered Singing Bowl

  • Hand-hammered in Nepal
  • Premium metal alloy of 9 metals
  • Up to 3” tall and 5.5” in diameter
  • Comes with cushion and striker

Though the price of $98 is pushing the budget, this is a wonderful and beautiful option with an authentic mantra embedded in the metal: Om Mani Padme Hum (Tibetan Mantra).

Because the metal alloy is more complex, the tone it produces will also be far more full and rich.

Each type of metal vibrates at a certain frequency. When more metals are involved with an alloy, more frequencies are touched upon when the bowl vibrates – thus, a wholesome sound is produced because a larger spectrum of frequencies is present in the tone of the bowl.

So with this singing bowls metal allow, the sound will be very pure and resonant! And with the 5.5” diameter, it is also the largest option I’ve found for under $100. The larger the bowl, the bigger the sound!

Singing Bowl Kits

For those planning on using singing bowls in multiple locations or are planning on displaying the bowl kit, the cushion is sometimes not enough and a box is necessary.

When storing the bowl for travel or display (or general storage), a box is necessary for safekeeping and peace of mind. These next few options offer a box or a carrying bag to ensure your bowl is never mistreated while in storage or on the road!

dZi Singing Bowl

dZi Root Chakra Mini Bowl

  • Comes with Lokta paper box (tree-free and sustainably harvested)
  • Includes cushion, wood striker, and instructions
  • Hand-cast, hand-hammered, and hand-tuned by artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Root Chakra specific tone
  • 2” diameter

If you’re looking for a quick addition to your collection or if you’re looking for a great gift idea, this dZi kit is everything you need for only $20. An amazing deal for the cushion, striker, and paper box.

Though its only 2” in diameter, it still is very useful for root chakra healing and is guaranteed authentic as it’s made from Nepal with traditional methods! They also have the same size bowl with a blue box that identifies with the 3rd eye chakra.

Maha Bodhi Singing Bowl Set

Maha Bodhi Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

  • Handcrafted and hand painted
  • High quality brass with etched “Om Mani Padme Hum”
  • Specific tone
    • Throat Chakra Healing
  • 3” tall and 5” in diameter
  • Includes a wooden mallet, suede/silk cushion, and handmade Lokta paper box
  • Fairtrade regulated

The reviews speak for themselves – out of 124 customer reviews, this singing bowl has received a 4.4 out of 5. After watching a video provided by S. Oldfield, the sound is fairly impressive for such a cheap, 5” bowl. So it makes for a great starter bowl for only around $32.

Because of the specific healing tone aimed at the throat chakra, the healing effects may be noticed faster than multi-layered tones. If you like this option but aren’t fond of the handpaint, they also have the traditional style in 3” (below).

Maha Bodhi Traditional Singing Bowl

This small 3” bowl should not be overlooked because the tone is specifically targeting the heart chakra. The wooden mallet and handmade Lokta paper box are also included along with the round cushion. An amazing deal for only $22! A great starter bowl or gift set.

Etched Singing Bowl Gift Set

Etched Singing Bowl with Embossed Double Vajra Gift Set

  • Includes striker, bowl, cushion base, and handmade paper box
  • 4.25” diameter
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Visva Vajra etched symbols
  • Metal alloy of copper, zinc, tin, and iron (traditional Sanskrit Panchaloha “five metals”)

Though this bowl is not chakra specific, the metal alloy is a traditional mix that produces a multiphonic tone shaped by artisans in Nepal. It’s a little bit higher in price at $76, but the black color is unique and offers a very cool aesthetic to the traditional singing bowl.

Purpose and Benefits

Now singing bowls are trending right now, but few know of the historical symbolism of Tibetan singing bowls. Most people know they’re foreign and are possibly used for healing.

But if you’re curious about the history of singing bowls and the real purpose behind their use, I invite you to read my article where I deciphered a real conversation with two Tibetan-born monks and explained things a bit clearer than other sources (there aren’t very many sources with information like this, unfortunately).

Singing Bowls Purpose and History

The history is a bit obscured since Tibetan monasteries were burnt down out of war, but luckily traditions are passed down through speech and practice. Make sure you’re fully informed before you take on your own singing bowl!


Singing bowls can only be trusted if made by traditional hand-hammered techniques and preferably made in Nepal.

Each bowl is uniquely different just as pieces of art because the crafters themselves shape the metal alloy into these individual bowls. They are very special tools used to spread healing, teaching, and the “emptiness.”

If you end up buying a singing bowl for yourself or as a gift, I would highly recommend the owner read my article expressing the true purpose behind the use of singing bowls. It may strike a new appreciation for these amazing spiritual tools full of old tradition and mysticism.

Also, be sure to check out iSingingBowls.com for there occasional special deals on high quality singing bowls chosen by musicologist Rain Gray!


I hope you found this article useful! Please let me know if you have any online singing bowls that you’d recommend.

What is your favorite bowl in this article? Does size matter to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!




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