If you’re in need of salt lamps, there’s no need to look any further! I’ve stumbled across an amazing site that quickly became my “go to” for any quality salt lamp needs.

There are a lot of impostors for Himalayan salt supply, but I hope to convince you of the quality supplied by the company, So Well, through this article’s research, personal product review, and more!

The organization of this article:

  • General Description
  • Products
  • My Product Review
  • Pros/Cons

General Description

Out of all the Himalayan salt carriers I’ve come across through my study of salt lamps and salt baths, So Well is by far the most genuine, authentic, and impressive online supplier. I wouldn’t trust any other company with my personal pink salt lamp needs.

Through their fair trade regulations, high-quality guarantees (and satisfaction policy), fast shipment, and authentically handmade products from Pakistan, So Well will supply you with amazing decor with the purest of salt straight from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.

The So Well company are members of PETA, Leaping Bunny, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Green America, Chicago Fair Trade, and Truth in Labeling. They truly care about their impact on the industry in both America and in Pakistan while always considering the quality of the product and the laborers who hand make their products themselves.

It is rare to find such an amazing company that has unfortunately been covered up by all the impostor company trying to do the same thing, but So Well was one of the first!

So Well was founded in 2004 and was one of the first companies to distribute salt lamps from sustainable sources. Now they’ve closed their physical store and focus on helping other stores distribute salt lamps, while also providing them directly to individuals.

Basically, when buying from SoWellMade.com, you’re cutting out the middleman and buying straight from the distributor! We all know this is the BEST way to find the BEST price.

I can testify to their quality. I’ve fallen in love with my 12.5-pound amber salt lamp and have it on 24.7 in my office. In hindsight, I should have bought a lamp long ago. BUT, thankfully I was told about So Well by a representative from BuddhaGroove.com and I no longer waste money on cheap, noneffective salt lamps (like I have in the past).


OK. This is where things get SO exciting.

So Well has some amazing varieties of salt lamps that you would NEVER come across if it weren’t for them. Most of the time, uniquely colors lamps have to be avoided (because most are cheap knock-offs), thanks to So Well’s quality guarantee, some of the most beautiful salt lamps are available to the public.

To make things easy, I’ll list everything they have. Everything is so cool so there’s no point in me trying to leave out some product lines. Continue reading after the list for my product review!

SoWellMade.com products:

  • Salt Lamps
    • Amber, Grey, White, Crystal Cubes, Raw Crystal, Aromatherapy, Bowls, Bowls, Pyramids, Moroccan Flame, Set, Oversized, USB/LED, Bulbs/Cords
  • Candle Holders
    • Amber, White, Aromatherapy, Sets
  • Salt Therapy
    • Hot Cold Salt Pillows, Bath Salts, Bath Soaks, Balms/Salves, Sole, Salt Inhalers, Neti Pots, Essential Oils, Massage Stones, Feet
  • Kitchen
    • Gourmet Salt, Salt Platters/Tiles, Salt Bowls/Shots, Tea, Sweets, Cleaners
  • Bath & Body
    • Bars/Liquid Soaps, Bath Salts, Bath Soaks, Deodorants/Body Powders, Deodorant Salt Stones, Tooth Powders, Balms/Slaves, Accessories
  • Organic Skin Care
    • Bars, Lotions/Creams, Cleansers/Toners, Scrubs/Masks

Before I go over my own product review, let me list some of their products that excite me the most – they’re so cool!

I mean, come on. They have amber, gray, and white! These salt crystals are beautifully pure and over 250 million years old! They over so many benefits that I would highly encourage you to read about including mood and sleep improvement, air filtration, counteracts blue light and EM radiation (because of the negative ionization).
Are there really benefits to Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Another amazing product is their Himalayan Bath Salts – which by the way, through a lot of research on my part, I found that bathing with pink salt is FAR BETTER than bathing with Epsom salt.

Pink Salt BathIt is very true. Epsom salt only has sodium chloride and magnesium, but pink salt has over 80 different minerals and far more benefits! SO STOP USING EPSOM SALTS AND SWITCH TO PINK SALT!

Is Himalayan Pink Salt Baths better than Epsom salt baths? Read here and find out!

Aromatherapy Salt LampLook no further! The above aromatherapy salt lamp not only provides the benefits of salt lamps but also offers essential oils diffusion! I know I am sounding progressively more nerdy as I continue writing this article, but I mean come on. I’ve never seen a lamp/diffuser like this before. How cool.

Pink Salt Foot DetoxAbove is another amazing product you may not have known exists! Salt therapy has been around since Rome and is currently very popular in Europe (but of course, not so much in America – go figure). These Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Tiles offer a calming and almost guaranteed pure application of detoxification.

My Product Review

Months ago I began my adventure into the realm of pink salt lamps by buying a $10 lamp. I know hate it and wish I saved the money because as soon as I learned of So Well, I bought my own 12.5-pound salt lamp for around $50.

Medium Amber Salt LampI LOVE IT. I keep it on next to my desk 24/7 and have noticed my allergies aren’t as bad in my office. I tried sleeping next to it and found improvement in my sleep too! But my wife doesn’t like the extra light when sleeping, so I moved it into my own room (which I understand – I can bask in the glow myself in my office!).

Below you’ll find my short little video about the product unboxing, review, and extra information about its hygroscopic characteristics. The quality of the salt speaks for itself – as I opened it up, it was instantly evident that it was a pure, pink salt crystal ROCK. Which is very cool.


So Well has many pros from fair trade to top quality. But to make things easier (because there are a lot), I’m going to just list all the pros for you! Here are all the good things to consider about SoWellMade.com.

  • Fair Trade of Himalayan Salt
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Handmade products straight from the hills of the Himalayas in Pakistan
  • Himalayan Pink Salt has over 84 minerals, it’s purity is over 250 million years old, and has numerous benefits
  • Flat Rate Shipping of $8.95 on all orders
  • WholeSale and Affiliate Program
  • Buy any 5 to 6 products to get 11% off
  • Free shipping for US order over $99
  • So Well is an experienced distributor with over 14 years of history
    • Founded in 2004

I am a very critical person (I think it’s because I’m a perfectionist by nature) so when it comes to the cons of So Well, there are very few.SoWell - Logo2

I was originally going to say their product line is very limited to salt lamps and other health products, BUT they’ve recently updated the company distribution and increased the number of products they offer. Therefore, another pro to So Well is the fact they’ve shut down their physical, walk-in stores and are primarily focused on improving their online service. Great for us customers who shop online (and don’t make it to Chicago very often).

A small con is their vagueness in their name’s origin. They seem to have removed that information in the new site update, but just so you know:

  • Sōlay Wellness to SōWell to So Well & SoWellMade.com
    • Their name was shortened most likely because of the ease of familiarity – short, two-word titles are easier to remember
    • SoWell.com was probably taken when they transferred to their new site; thus the new website SoWellMade.com

I think the biggest con about the So Well company is their current transition from “natural-salt-lamps.com” to “sowellmade.com.” Their newest website is FAR cleaner than their old one, but the new site still needs to be a bit more fleshed out. It is fun to see their progress – the new site improves almost every week! So my guess is we can say goodbye to their old site for a while (or they may keep it for the SEO advantages because it’s the original site!). Either way, I don’t really know as I’m not an employee, but I also don’t really care – their new site is brilliant!


I’m so glad I stumbled upon this amazing website. No longer will I waste my money on off-brand impostors when I could buy straight from a distributor of high-quality, handmade salt lamps from the Himalayan foothills.

I hope you found this article informative and influenced you to trust in the So Well company brand a little more. We are so aware of being sold to today and for good reason! There are many monopolies out there looking to take advantage of their consumer audience.


SoWell - LOGO

But SoWellMade.com is different. They truly care about the quality of their products and the quality of the laborers’ lives (because of their fair trade regulation).

Please, please. Consider buying a salt lamp for yourself and experience the benefits of having the purest form of salt available on Earth. We are amazingly lucky to have the ability to own such precious and limited materials as Himalayan pink salt.

If you’re interested in my other articles relating to Himalayan pink salt, let me invite you to read these:

Best of luck with all your health and wellness needs! Consider signing up for my newsletter to hear more from me!

Thanks for reading,


March 2018

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rmjia · April 6, 2018 at 3:54 am

I used to hear about the Himalayan Salt Lamp but never knew much about it. Your article gives great details about it. I am wondering how long does it take for you to feel the effects of the lamp? Also, do you have to get the lamp to be plugged in all day to have the effects?

    Chase Chandler · April 9, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Rmjia! Thanks for your question. Salt lamps work as soon as the salt becomes warm from the light bulb. Bu the effects you might feel vary with how often you’re close or in the same room as a salt lamp. For example, I feel a difference after sleeping next to one. If you’re interesting in learning more about salt lamps, I would highly recommend reading my article about The Truth Behind the Pink (or salt lamps). Best of luck!

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