Today’s “hip” world requires decor to have multiple purposes. No longer is a light-switch controlled table lamp impressing the kids. It’s time to up your game with modern table lamps.

There are many lamps that offer an aesthetic improvement as well as health benefits that boost an atmosphere’s positive influence on the mind. Don’t buy bright office lights – consider investing in your mood and health.

Modern Table Lamps

1. Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps are the newest fad with a lot of reason behind the hype.

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are almost too many to count with the 84 natural minerals found in the purest form of salt on Earth; but to name a few, these lamps can improve mood, counteract EM radiation, offer color therapy benefits, filter air, reduce allergy symptoms, reduce stress, improve performance and improve sleep. If you’re curious of the benefits, I’ve studied and documented all my research and offered everything you might ever need to know about salt lamps! Read more here: Salt Lamps – The Truth Behind the Pink.

Modern Table Lamps
When it comes to buying salt lamps, you really have to be careful which merchant you choose. There are many frauds out there that don’t offer the origin of the salt, an adequate light bulb (it needs to warm up the salt for best results), a dimmer switch, high-quality salt, etc. After searching the internet through and through, I was actually informed of the best quality merchant through a representative of Buddha Groove.

So Well offers the best salt lamps with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and fair trade regulation. You can benefit from your new lamps in aesthetics and health benefits knowing that the “fair trade” provides the Pakistani hand-crafters of your lamp an improved salary of about 25% (according to

Himalayan Salt Lamp

The rustic exterior of the lamps is to provide more surface area for the salt to do its magic (I won’t go into the science of “how” here, but please do read my other article). These lamps offer the “hipster” look we’re all looking for with the added benefit of knowing the effects of blue light is lessened due to the salt’s natural production of negative ionization.

2. Salt Aromatherapy Lamps

For the ultimate lamp, I’d like to introduce the 3-in-1 aromatherapy salt lamp.


I say “3-in-1” because it acts as a table lamp, a diffuser of essential oils (aromatherapy), and a salt lamp (salt therapy). You know that when people ask “what is that thing,” you’ll have a pretty hefty answer that will “woo” any client into thinking, “man, this guy knows what he’s talking about.” But on a serious note, in order to use the little space we have in our rooms, studios, or offices we should take advantage of every possibility in improving atmosphere and our health.

3. Rectangular Salt Lamps

If you’re in search for an addition to your office, here’s the best option (in my opinion):

Rectangular Salt Lamp
Minimalist architecture and simplistic indoor decor is the biggest fad nowadays due to the “clean,” professional look. Like I said before, salt lamps have MANY extra benefits besides aesthetic improvement. And this company I’ve found (after searching the internet) offers fair trade regulations and help the Pakistani workers maintain a better-quality life (which in turn influences them to produce better products). It’s a system of caring about the purest form of salt found on Earth (even better than Epsom salt!).

Cube Table Lamp

The orange light not only adds a nice contrast to an office’s darker colors, but also has the added benefits of color therapy and salt therapy. Looking at the above photo, the cube version of the salt lamp is very slick.

But please be cautious when buying salt lamps. I’ve searched Amazon and found most retailers don’t disclose the origin of the salt. I’ve browsed other companies and found similar results (with fewer options too). has the most options with each variation having guaranteed quality – I know I’m plugging their name quite a bit, but I really believe in the quality of their products. I don’t work for them, but I know it will save people a lot of time and frustration if they trust a niche company that’s been trading these salt lamps for over 14 years.

The first salt lamp I bought was out of ignorance (I just liked how it looked). Even though the company (Earthbound Trading Co.) was really cool and had an amazing brand, the lamp didn’t really work too well (the salt didn’t warm up from the light bulb and the USB plug was annoying). So I just want to save you some time by introducing you to a great company for Himalayan salt lamp decor.

4. Geode Lamps

Earthy lamps of rare, unique materials are a great way to light up a space and improve a room’s aesthetic by showcasing an interesting material – in this case, a geode!

I really like this option. Most geodes you see on display seem too dense to light up, but with this creation from, the hollowed out inside allows for light to peer through the mineralized crystals. The benefits aren’t the same as pink salt, but the aesthetic is beautiful.

I remember growing up and being so excited to buy geodes to crack. I had even once attended a rock collector’s convention where I observed huge geodes and ate “rock” candy – aw, simple times.

Geodes may remind onlookers of good ol’ times like myself, but for most people a geode table lamp will be a sense of wonder. My wife didn’t even know what geodes were before I introduced them to her – so imagine someone who’s never seen a geode stumble upon this amazing creation!

5. Pyramid Lamps

Time to change up the color and shape scheme. Pyramid lamps are another option for geometrically portioned modern table lamps.

Pyramid Salt Lamp

The surface of the Himalayan salt isn’t rough, so the clean look is maintained (the benefits are practically the same though). The low-light produced by the bulb shining through the gray salt is a great mood-inhancer for any room or lounge. This particular lamp is offered by, yet again, So Well – which like I said before, is the only source I’d really recommended for high quality salt lamp trading. And in this case, it is one of the very few companies that offer salt in different colors other than pink (or amber).

6. Globe Lamps

Another geometric lamp style! This time I’ll show you the unique and very rare white Himalayan salt lamp in globe form.

White Globe Salt Lamp
This particular lamp is only around $20 and can plug into the keyboard directly via USB. The salt itself is guaranteed to be of highest-quality (thanks to, you betcha, So Well LLC). This White Himalayan USB Salt Lamp Globe is a great little addition to any office, desk, yoga studio, or meditation space because of the pureness of the white light.

Now, because of the smooth surface, LED light, and small size, the benefits I’ve described at the beginning of the article probably won’t apply here as the effects would be too minimal to tell – BUT, be confident that the material this lamp is made of is quite unique and very rare. Himalayan salt is the oldest and purest form of salt found on Earth (not to mention white salt is even more rare) – how lucky are we to be able to even consider putting this precious and limited material on our desk as an additive decoration.


The term “modern” is very vague in itself, but as far as table lamps go, these are some of the best options for a quick fix to your drab office or lobby space. For the salt lamp options, the benefits speak for themselves (which I invite you to read up on).

These lamps were relatively the same in style and material since there are so many options that could fit this category. But for the sake of this site and the community’s interest, I went with lamps I think would best suit the lifestyle we all pursue.

If you need more help with decor, I have some great options:

Best of luck with all your meditative decor projects! Let me know if you found this article useful or if you’d like me to cover another topic!

Please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to read each and every one of them!

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Feb. 2018


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