I get it. Money is tight so you’re searching for a yoga mats sale – I’m here to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. I’ve found some amazing options after comparing prices and reviews of 40 different kinds of yoga mats on YogaOutlet.com (the first search result when Googling “yoga mats sale”) and Amazon.com (everyone’s favorite online store).

Yoga Mats Sale

My purpose is to be more thorough, transparent, and useful than another other article found after Google searching because TIME IS MONEY. I’m happy to do some professional researching for you.

I’m not going to make you skim the entire article just to find the results of my research – I’m listing it first! But of course, I’ll offer my explanation too.

Here’s the organization of this article:

  • Results
  • The Numbers
  • Size Matters
  • If Price Is Not a Worry
  • Conclusion


Out of both YogaOutlet and Amazon, the best option for the price and specs (5mm thick, 72” long) is:

Everyday Yoga Mat

Everyday Yoga Mat (Product code: 8123624)


(*with the 10% first-time offer)

Even without the first-time offer, it’d be $12.98. I’ve bought a few yoga mats myself, just by passing through local stores – but after researching the options in depth, I could have purchased a yoga mat of much higher quality for the same price as the crappy mat I keep in the closet (I hate throwing things away).

  • This mat has 44 reviews on YogaOutlet with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • The SALE aspect comes from the 48% discount through this website (since the usual price is $25).
  • The 5mm thickness is perfect for any beginner – not too thin, but not too thick (yoga mat thickness can range from 3mm to 25mm).

It took me a while to find the best option due to the “number crunching” (I’m a nerd when it comes to excel!).

If you’re interested, you can find the “numbers” below!

Many Yoga Mats

The Numbers

First off, I love numbers. Numbers don’t lie – and better yet, excel loves numbers too.

After plugging away the data of 40 different yoga mats from YogaOutlet and Amazon, here’s the data I’ve compiled:

20 Most Popular Yoga Mats on YogaOutlet.com
Name Product Code Details Original Price YogaOutlet Price % off First time offer Rating (out of 5) Number of Ratings
Manduka: Pro 31713 6mm thick, 71″ long $110.00 $84.00 23.6% $75.60 4.5 139
Jade Yoga: Harmony 29989 5mm thick, 68″ long $74.95 $74.95 0.0% $67.46 4.5 118
Maduka: PROlite 31715 5mm thick, 71″ long $82.00 $61.95 24.5% $55.76 4.5 93
Maduka: eKO 2.0 31716 5mm thick, 71″ long $88.00 $67.00 23.9% $60.30 4.5 65
Maduka: eKO Lite 8115752 4mm thick, 68″ long $68.00 $52.00 23.5% $46.80 4.5 58
Jade Yoga: Natural 40549 5mm thick, 74″ long $79.95 $79.95 0.0% $71.96 4.5 48
Everyday Yoga: Mat 8123624 5mm thick, 72″ long $25.00 $12.98 48.1% $11.68 4.5 44
Everyday Yoga: Mat 8123623 3mm thick, 72″ long $19.00 $9.48 50.1% $8.53 4.5 43
Gaiam: Sol 8122210 5mm thick, 68″ long $69.98 $59.95 14.3% $53.96 5 22
Everyday Yoga: Premium 8132007 6mm thick, 72″ long $45.00 $27.98 37.8% $25.18 4.5 22
Maduka: PRO Long 31714 6mm thick, 85″ long $136.00 $110.00 19.1% $99.00 4.5 21
Aurorae: Classic 8127110 6mm thick, 72″ long $54.95 $29.95 45.5% $26.96 4.5 20
Manduka: eKO SuperLite 40406 1.5mm thick, 68″ long $42.00 $24.99 40.5% $22.49 4.5 17
Jade Yoga: Travel 40552 3.5mm thick, 68″ long $59.95 $49.94 16.7% $44.95 4 10
Jade Yoga: Travel Long 40553 3mm thick, 74″ long $64.95 $58.99 9.2% $53.09 5 10
AeroMat: Elite 26666 12.7mm thick, 48″ long $22.99 $17.62 23.4% $15.86 4 8
Aurorae: Synergy 8127112 5mm thick, 72″ long $89.95 $49.95 44.5% $44.96 4.5 8
Everyday Yoga: Travel 8132006 1mm thick, 68″ long $17.00 $8.98 47.2% $8.08 3 7
Everyday Yoga: Alignment 8164281 5mm thick, 72″ long $26.00 $17.98 30.8% $16.18 4 1
Everyday Yoga: XW 8161941 5mm thick, 84″ long $29.00 $21.98 24.2% $19.78 n/a 0

As you can see from the tables above, the best-rated yoga mat on YogaOutlet (in terms of the highest number of reviews and rating) is the Manduka Pro Mat.

20 Most Popular Yoga Mats on Amazon.com
Name Amazon Code Details Original Price Amazon Price % off Rating (out of 5) Number of Ratings
BalanceForm GoYoga B00FO9U46W 12.7mm thick, 71″ long $17.95 $17.95 0.0% 4.5 7,449
Sivan Health and Fitness B00IIQUBY8 12.7mm thick, 71″ long $19.99 $19.99 0.0% 4.5 3,997
YogaAccessories B000PUFEYM 6mm thick, 74″ long $26.20 $19.99 23.7% 4.5 2,241
Reehut Density Mat B01CTRKO6Q 12.7mm thick, 71″ long $19.99 $19.99 0.0% 4 2,045
Jade Harmony B000ECD6N2 5mm thick, 68″ long $74.95 $74.95 0.0% 4.5 1,841
Gaiam Print Yoga Mat B01ICBTRC0 3mm thick, 68″ long $21.99 $21.99 0.0% 4 1,690
Maduka: PRO Yoga B078VJ81M2 6mm thick, 71″ long $78.99 $78.99 0.0% 4.5 1,562
Gaiam Print Yoga Mat B00FLID5EO 5mm thick, 68″ long $20.99 $20.99 0.0% 4 1,488
HemingWeigh Dense Mat B017HWUBM0 12.7mm thick, 71″ long $79.99 $34.99 56.3% 4.5 1,453
CleverYoga NonSlip B01354KUSE 6mm thick, 72″ long $27.79 $27.79 0.0% 4.5 1,408
Spoga: Premium B00IJFQLXI ?mm thick, 72″ long $22.54 $20.11 10.8% 4.5 1,375
HeathYoga Eco B01MCTZY6W 6mm thick, 72″ long $59.95 $32.99 45.0% 4.5 742
Fit Spirit: Premium B077F56P39 n/a $12.99 $12.99 0.0% 4 720
Yes4All: Premium B071WNRY7W 12.7mm thick, 72″ long $18.99 $18.99 0.0% 4 586
Gaiam: Premium B00FLIDAGC 5mm thick, 68″ long $12.99 $12.99 0.0% 4 525
Manduka: eKO B003NR62BI 1.5mm thick, 68″ long $42.00 $34.99 16.7% 4 342
Yoga Cloud B01NCEUNU1 25.4mm thick, 72″ long $42.99 $42.99 0.0% 5 200
Toplus: Premium B0776T7372 6mm thick, 72″ long $49.99 $23.79 52.4% 4.5 139
Maduka: Welcome B01N7ZPLMR ?mm thick, 68″ long $45.72 $39.99 12.5% 4 43
Leoit Yoga Mat B075ZP9VPM 12.7mm thick, 72″ long $35.99 $15.99 55.6% 4.5 20
Amazon’s highest rating yoga mat is the BalanceForm GoYoga – which is 12.7mm thick (or 1-inch). It’s very thick! Almost too thick as the matt can move around and feel less natural on bare feet.

The reason I choose the “Everyday Yoga Mat” mentioned at the beginning is that it’s an amazing price for such a respected yoga mat (I mean $12 is amazing). Not only the price, but the thickness is important (only 5mm, not 12mm!). I’ll list the best option near the end for those who care less about saving money.

The Biggest Percentage Sale

If you’re looking for the MOST amount of money saved (despite the final cost), Amazon offers HemingWeigh Density Mat at a final price of $34.99, which saves over 56% (since the retail price is $79.99.

YogaOutlet’s best sale price is a close 50% off on the 3mm version of Everyday Yoga’s mat (retail price is $19 and YogaOutlet’s price is $9.48 – or with the 10% first-time offer, it would be $8.53).

Saving Money

Best Rating

Now, I didn’t list this first because I considered the number of reviews per yoga mat. For instance, if we compare two scenarios on real Amazon options:

  • Yoga Cloud Mat – 5-star rating with 200 reviews
  • BalanceForm GoYoga – 4.5-star rating with 7,449 reviews

Which product is better? I hope it would be assumed, that the 4.5-star product is far more validated with over 7,000 more reviews from real customers. If a product can maintain a high rating as more customers review and a 4-digit review count emerges without altering the high star rating, I find this to be far more impressive than a perfect score with only a few reviews.

Now, without paying attention to the number of reviews, here are the best-rated products:

  • Amazon’s Yoga Cloud Mat received a 5-star rating
    • (the only one with a 5 out of the top 20 yoga mats!)
  • YogaOutlet’s Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat received a 5-star rating
    • Jade Yoga’s Long Travel Mat also received a 5-star rating, but only 10 reviews whereas the Gaiam mat received 22 reviews.

Size Matters

Just as an introduction to the types of yoga mats, the best standard (price-friendly) yoga mat according to YogaOutlet is a PVC material mat with 68” of length and 3mm thickness.

There’s a reason I chose a 6mm mat at the beginning of the article. Most beginners to yoga are looking for yoga mat sales because they’re not at a point where investing in yoga is a priority. So, a 3mm mat will probably be uncomfortable for the knees and joints of a novice.

BUT, I listed all the data I compiled in case people have specific preferences for thickness and length. After all, seeing 40 of the most popular yoga mats in one place is very helpful in determining the smartest purchase.

If Price Is Not a Worry

The best of the best (no matter the cost) out of the 40 mats I compared ended up being:

Manduka Pro

Manduka Pro (Product code: 31713)


(*with the 10% first-time offer)

Without the 10% offer, the normal price would be $84. For those who actually read the data, you may have noticed that there were some overlaps between Amazon and YogaOutlet. So with the listing above, availability can be found on both YogaOutlet and Amazon.


Amazon can’t compete with the extra 10% off – you save almost $5 by purchasing through YogaOutlet (as a first-time customer). Amazon’s price is $79, while YogaOutlet’s normal price is $84.

I mention all these details to help you make the decision yourself. It’s important to know the options – for me, $5 can make a difference.

Yoga Mat Sales


Definitely, don’t make the mistakes I made in college (6 years ago) by just buying a $10 yoga mat at the nearest store. Because there are far better options online for only $2 more!

Doing research really proves useful in the end because my old $10 yoga mat is gross and I don’t really use that mat anymore. Knowing the best option can save you time and money, making this article my hope in helping you save research time!

There’s nothing more aggravating than seeing hundreds of yoga mats online made by varying brands you’ve never heard of and choosing one because of the color or general graphic design (maybe even textual material).

Through my hours and hours of research, I’ve found the best way to go when it comes to buying yoga mats on sale through online stores.

What is your opinion? Does price determine quality? Does thickness or length alter price?

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,


Feb., 2018


Dragon · February 16, 2018 at 4:08 pm

I was looking at your yoga mat comparison. Which ones do you really think would be ideal for those who have a home gym and need to do things like push-ups and crunches on to complete the workout. It looks like these could be useful outside the realm of yoga. Although holding the position for a long period of time seems to be in the realm of yoga rather than the explosive movements of strength training.

    Chase Chandler · February 16, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    You should consider than what thickness would best suit your needs. For high impact, a 1-inch thick mat (or 12.7mm) would probably be best – not too thick but just right. Keep in mind though that yoga mats are always centrally 24″ wide. If you’re looking for something wider than you may have to look at a different type of mat for strength training. For me personally, I like yoga mats for everything because they roll up and are easy to pack away!

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