Some of my favorite types of decor are made using Earthly materials. By transforming naturally found items into a work of art suitable for a zen meditation room can prove to be an amazing way to add a sense of “calm” to any atmosphere. Whether it be wood-based, plant material, sand, rope, etc., materials like these have such a potential to alter any outdoor (or indoor) space in a positive way.

Today, I would love to share some of the best stone garden statues I could find on (click here for review) and Amazon.

Stone Garden Statues

If you’ve seen or know of rock balancing, you may not be aware there is a certain name associated with the the end result. Cairns and rock balancing is a far older tradition than some might think! So don’t be confused by products entitled, “cairns.” A friendly definition of “cairn,” would be: balanced rocks made into statues.

1. Zen Garden Cairns

Zen Garden CairnsWhen you think of rock balancing, this piece of decor is definitely the most traditional route. These seemingly balanced rocks are held together using a metal support beam inside these natural rocks. Cairns (balanced rocks acting as statues) are seen all over the world and symbolize hope, safety, and direction for those who see these statues along life’s path.

  • Natural rocks with metal supports
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Triple size – about 6″ high and around 4 lbs
  • Quintuple size – about 9″ high and around 6 lbs
  • Septuple size – about 12 “high and around 9 lbs
  • Click here to view on BuddhaGroove!

The beauty about these cairns is that they fit nearly any garden space due to their relatively small size. Thanks to the natural durability of stone, these statues will last a lifetime! Only minor (natural) variations might occur from prolonged outdoor exposure – which is to be expected. I also love that they keep slight imperfections (such as color or on the surface) to keep the natural appeal of these stone cairns.

2. Cairn Arch Stone Statue

Cairn Arch Stone Statue

Taking a little detour away from the traditional vertical cairn, these rocks are designed to appear balanced on top of each other to form an archway. The picture doesn’t do this statue justice, because although these river stones are smaller, this statue stands at approximately 8″ tall!

  • River stone with metal wire
  • Made on Java Island, Indonesia
  • About 12″ wide, 8″ high and around 5 lbs

It is recommended to have some gorilla sealant handy in case you find a stone falls off after prolonged outdoor exposure to natures elements! But no need to worry, for these river stones are all-natural, being gathered by the villagers in West Java in Indonesia.

3. Glass Cairn Garden Statue

Glass Cairn Garden Statue

If you’re looking for a more unique color scheme while staying semi-natural, I would highly recommend this gorgeous garden statue with natural rock, rounded-glass, and other types of rocks. With the frosted glass mixed with natural stone, the color palette includes aqua, beige, cream, gray and sea green.

The “natural” appeal to this statue is maintained through some minor imperfections that can be found on the stones, but again, outdoor durability will be fairly similar to strict stone statues (glass is still durable!). Just make sure, if you do end up buying this garden cairn, that you purchase a sealant for freezing temperatures.

Also, keep in mind that prolonged exposure to outdoor elements will obviously alter the color and finish on these stones, but it will always happen naturally. I actually think decorative stones with a bit of weather and dirt look far more appealing!

4. Side 2 Side Rock Cairn Sculpture

Side 2 Side Rock Cairn

If you’re looking for a different look (that kind of defies the laws of gravity), this “side 2 side” rock cairn is a great addition to any outdoor garden or indoor meditation space. With the rocks at constant unbalance, though held together through a metal rod, this simplistic statue offers a sense of wonder for spectators and a state of constant “now” for those nearby.

I only mention so much about the off-balance design because it defies the laws of gravity! You’ll constantly want to stare at it to make sure it doesn’t fall over. It will always make you wait for that moment when it falls over – though it will never come thanks to the metal rod that support this “side 2 side” cairn.

Garden Age Supply, the company who makes these statues, say it adds a new sense of balance and calm to the hectic pace of daily life. Keep in mind, as with all decorative products made from natural materials, that each piece is unique and may have varying design dimensions, colors, and slight imperfections. But these little differences are why we love natural decorations, right?

5. Inspirational Cairn Garden Statue

Inspiration Stone Statue

Cairns are none to be inspirational to big with by reminding travelers of hope and security on life’s path. These natural rocks go a bit further by engraving a great reminder to “stop, look around, and breathe in the present.” So far the tallest of the Buddha Groove options, standing at 13″ tall and maybe the most inspirational to you!

When I was growing up, my mother loved having engraved stones (singular stones) with one-word engravings sitting all over the house. These little reminder would really stick in your mind, such as “be calm,” “laugh, “smile,” etc. With a reminder such as “be here now,” you can rest assured you’ll have more chances to stop and remember to live in the present.

Reminders as important as “be here now” is also more convenient when engraved on stone, because this particle decoration is good for both indoor and outdoor use. Remind yourself of mindfulness anywhere you’d like!

6. Natural River Stone Septuple Cairn

Septuple Natural River Stone Cairn
As the last option, I wanted to go back to the traditional look of a rock balanced decoration or as you may now have learned is called a cairn. Garden Age Supply offer this 12″ high cairn of natural river stone for only $33! The “septuple” in the title refers to the fact there are 7 stones, but what I love is the intense organizational look of this cairn.

I’m amazed the design of this cairn has seven stones and yet it comes together to create such a uniformity in its triangle. The natural appeal comes from the uniqueness of each stone found in rivers of west java island in Indonesia and the calming comes from the never ending balance shown by this cairn (even if it is manufactured balance by way of a metal rod!).


I hope you found a new appreciation of cairn and rock balancing – please consider improving your garden with a cairn! Natural stone balanced on natural stone always looks so gorgeous when the sun hits them and a shadow law on a dirt path.

Five years of my childhood was spent in Santa Cruz, California where cairns would be found on a regular basis, on almost every beach. Only occasionally would you catch someone in time to see them making a stone balancing “art installation,” or as we now know them as cairns!

The intensity and patience needed when balancing large stones is enormous.

I’ve only ever gotten to about 5 rocks balanced on a beach! But I have come across many cairns and each one is a testament of someone’s patience. There was one time in Sequoia National Park that my wife and I came across about 30 cairns in the same area, each with about 5 to 7 stones! It was truly an amazing landscape.

One of the most disappointing parts of balancing stones is their inevitable collapse.

Luckily, there’s a loophole around this disappointment! Each of the options listed today have a metal rod inserted within the “balanced” rocks to help keep them together for good! And now you’ll never have to worry about your cairn falling over by the hands of a curious toddler.

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