Most of us don’t live in amazing wood cabins in Switzerland or abandoned warehouses in NY or even recycled storage containers in LA.

We don’t all have antique materials holding up the roof over our head where each wall tells an intricate story of history and unparalleled character!

For those like me who live in a “cookie-cutter” apartment, large wall decor is a reliable way to improve any room’s dull egg white paint. Because let’s face it – the default off-white walls that every rental company seems to adore has the equivalent atmosphere to a sturdy cardboard box. It ain’t great, am I right?!

Large Wall Decor

As I further my investigation into sprucing up my own place, I’d like to share some of my best picks for large wall decor that are inexpensive, yet majestically transformative. In other words, I want to help transform your dull living space into a metropolis of ever-expanding ideas! Or at least make you more happy to come home to your living room after work.

So here are some great ideas for large wall decor – my best picks for this month (May, 2018).

1. Lotus Flower Wall Decal

Lotus Wall DecalOn a budget? This decoration might be for you, because it is one of the cheapest options on this list at only $9! Wall decals can looks great depending on the type of wall you have (maybe not the best for textured walls). For yoga studio, offices, or your living space, this giant lotus flower can remind everyone in the room of the peace and serenity that comes with “OM” and spiritual awakening.

  • 24″ x 14″
  • 16 different colors to choose from (default is black)
  • High-quality Oracal vinyl material (5-year indoor life)
  • Fully removable

If you’re looking to experiment, this is a great option due to the ease of removable – unfortunately, it isn’t designed to be reusable after removing, so do be careful!

2. Elephant & Tree of Life Tapestry

Elephant Tree of Life TapestryOne of the most iconic ways to decorate any space is with an elaborate tapestry! I always find hanging fabric material on walls makes the room feel more “homey” – maybe because is feels more warm because there’s no glare. Plus it’s softer than the actual wall!

  • 82″ x 52″
  • Other color options
  • Includes 4 pins for hanging (flat head, flower shaped clear pins)
  • Includes free PDF guide to taking care of your tapestry as well as their history

This particluar tapestry is very elegant in its design. The use of black and gold offers great contrast and the size isn’t overbearing. A tapestry such as this can be used in other ways as well! Which is why they make for such versatile purchase. Instead of using the tapestry as a wall hanging, consider it as a beach throw, picnic blanket, table cloth, porch hanging, bed spread, or maybe even a sofa cover. With the free PDF that comes with the tapestry, you’ll be sure to take good care of it.

3. Three Piece Canvas Wall Art

Three Piece Canvas Wall Art 1I absolutely love art that is separated into sections such as this three-piece canvas. The fantasy scene of an autumn night with pink leaves is stunning. Not too modern, but also very unique with the brush strokes.

  • 36″ x 24″ (or 24″ x 16″) two sizes
  • The canvas is printed and hand stretch in the USA by professionals
  • Hanging accessory kit included

I picked the canvas above because of the wonderful color choice by the artist, but if you’re looking for a specific color scheme or love options, no need to worry.

Canvas Nature DecorThere are 24 canvas choices in total, all of which are unique in their own way. I chose three to show you, but I would highly recommend looking through all of wall26’s options (wall26 is the company’s name).

Canvas Decor LargeFrom the 24 choices, these three are the best in my opinion. Feel free to click on one of the photos above to view it Amazon!

4. Seven Chakra Wall Art Decals

Chakra Wall DecalsEach of these seven chakra decals represent the continuing need to balance our energy and with artistic reminders like these, it might be easier to achieve with these symbols to remind you of life’s true priorities.

  • Seven high quality, adhesive gloss or matte vinyls, each 19cm x 19cm in diameter
  • 5 year outdoor life; lifetime indoor rating
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterproof removable stickers

With an indoor lifespan of virtually forever (according to them), it can be scary to put up vinyl on a wall. So Drocellatech (the company) provides a demo decal to test things out first before committing to 7 full wall decals! Although these symbols are fairly intricate, the artistic art idea behind these decals is minimalist. It makes for a great balance for any space.

5. Minimalist Floating Quote Wall Art

Minimalist Yoga Wall ArtYoga or meditation art is usually found in one or two ways: embellished and colorful or minimalist and mindful.

  • “Inhale, exhale.”
  • Expert print on transparent film between two pieces of glass
  • Two sizes: 9″ x 11″ or 12″ x 15″
  • Frame included and sawtooth hanger installed

I can never decided between decor with color and lavish design or minimalist reminders of mindfulness and thought. Sometimes there’s more in simple design, as stated by famous jazz pianist, Thelonius Monk: “Less is more.” The company that creates these hangibles goes by “The Burnt Branch” which specialized in personalized and unique home decor. Though there’s only one review on Amazon, it is a glowing acknowledgement to this product’s quality.

6. Blue Tapestry Wall Hanging

Blue Tapestry Wall Hanging

I wouldn’t be doing justice to yoga/meditation decor without the quintessential blue mandala tapestry design.

The mandala design, which in Sanskrit translates to “circle,” symbolizes spiritual and ritual circle that represents the universe, both in Hinduism and Buddhism. So while this design is gorgeous and wraps the viewer into circled artistry, it does have a far deeper meaning than some might be aware of! And for only $10, you can’t beat a 100% cotton.

7. Removable Wall Tree Mural

Removable Wall Tree Mural

Maybe it’s my obsession with trees, but this wall mural is one of my favorites on this particular list. There are so many reasons why I love this particular piece – but my biggest hope is that you share a love for trees so I don’t sound too subjective!

  • 66″ x 96″ in total (comes in 4 pieces for easy installation)
  • 100″ x 144″ size option as well
  • 25 design options in total (the tree is the best in my opinion!)
  • Indoor/Outdoor walls or windows
  • Won’t leave a mark after removing

Most decals have so much color it looks distasteful and out of place. With this particular design, the color scheme is minimalist (being only black) but the detail is intricate. Because the detail is from the natural silhouette of a tree (with no leaves), it looks more like an open window that a piece of artwork.


While there are practically unlimited amounts of decor options for large walls and big spaces, I hope this article at least sparks ideas or introduces you to some new ways of decorating.

I named this article “May 2018” because I hope to continue exploring and providing the best options I find online – let’s face it, so many options can sometimes be overwhelming! I’d like to narrow it down somewhat by doing the research for you (maybe even save you some time by listing them in one easy to navigate article!).

So if you’d like to hear from me and my future decor articles (among other things), feel free to sign up for my newsletter!

Which one of these large wall hangings did you like the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, I’m curious!

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