Many who have visited this site know my obsession with pink salt and the many amazing ways one can benefit from this 250 million-year-old substance from the foothills of the Himalayas.

From cooking to feet detoxification, from salt therapy to salt baths, Himalayan pink salt is BY FAR one of the most beneficial substances left on Earth that is unfortunately limited in supply. With over 80 minerals (more than Epsom salts) and a more pure form than sea salt, Himalayan pink salt has become a favorite of mine.

So why not craft Himalayan pink salt into lamps!

I won’t go into detail in this article behind the reasons why and how pink salt lamps are truly beneficial for you. BUT, if you’re curious, I highly recommend you read my article about “The Truth Behind the Pink: Salt Lamp Benefits.

When it comes to choosing which company, brand, or distributor, I trust none other than who supply the highest quality pink salt from the foothills of the Himalayas while maintaining fair trade regulations (among a few things).

Why this article only chooses from So Well:

  • One of the few salt lamp retailers dedicated to sustainability & fair trade regulations.
  • Offers superior quality lamps that are symmetrical, clean & attractive.
  • Offers unique shapes & rare colors (such as white and gray).
  • Offers a broad catalog including bath & body, skincare, gourmet, & many other items.

So. For this article, I’ll be picking and choosing between all their amazing products to show you the best Himalayan pink salt lamps on the market!

I have my own 12-pound pink salt lamp from SoWell and I love it!

1. Fire Bowl Salt Lamp w/ Massage Balls

Fire Bowl with Massage Balls

Not only does this bowl light up to produce a nice atmosphere and color tone to any room, the massage balls can actually be used on the skin to provide more pinpoint pressure when massaging. By using pink salt when massaging, all the benefits can be partially absorbed by the skin!


The salt is attached to a smooth wooden base and come with a 15-watt bulb to help heat the salt up. It weighs about 5 to 6 pounds and is only about 7″ in height.

2. Gray Raw Salt Crystal Lamp

RARE Raw Grey Salt Lamp

Looking for the unique and rare salt lamp? Go for white or especially gray. SoWell is one of the few companies that offer gray salt as a product to the public and though the price may be high, keep in mind how rare this is compared to the usual amber or pink salt lamps!


The reason most prefer the “raw” salt crystals, is because more surface area means more benefits and more chance for the salt to help purify the air. When smoothed down, the roughness is lost and therefore has less “grab” to pollutants in the air. It’s all based on science that I won’t get into, but if you’re curious, read up in my article here.

3. Rectangular Amber Salt Lamp

Rectangle Salt Lamp

I know I’ve mentioned this salt lamp before in my article about 6 modern table lamps, but I still love it and feel it’s worth bringing up again!

The shape is minimalist, organized, and intriguing. So it fits perfectly as main decoration or even off to the side in a professional atmosphere like an office or hotel. But the amber light it gives can make any space in your house feel even more homey. And there are arguments behind the benefits of the color too! Also known as color therapy.


This is a LARGE lamp weighing in at about 35 to 40 pounds of pure pink salt (think of the benefits!) attached to a wooden “zen” base with 2 dimmer cords attached and 2 15-watt bulbs. It’s about a foot in length and 10″ in height to make sure you have enough space for it. Lift with your legs, NOT your back!

4. Moroccan Flame Gray Salt Lamp

Moroccan Flame Grey Salt Lamp

Sometimes the raw look of the salt crystal is not preferred and if that’s the case you can always find different shapes such as cube or pyramid on, but if you’re looking for something even more cool, then check out this Moroccan flame gray salt lamp!

Not only is it made of the most rare of all Himalayan salt, but it’s also handcrafted into a flame design to add character.


Different from the previous options, this lamp is attached to a black metal base. It weighs in at about 8 pounds and measured to 9″ high. It’s definitely a unique piece of decoration you can’t find elsewhere on the internet.

5. White Pyramid Salt Lamp

White Pyramid Salt Lamp

Another option that you can’t find elsewhere is the white salt lamps, especially in a pyramid design. As a universal symbol, the pyramid is known to “harness” energies and focus magnetic and gravitational forces. In architecture, the triangle is the strongest shape to built upon making this lamp a representation of strength as well.


This lamp is attached to a wooden base and comes with a 15-watt bulb which gives a soft, dim light through the white salt. It is about 9″ in height and weighs about 6 to 8 pounds. Definitely another favorite of mine.


After doing my own research for about a week on the benefits of salt lamps and comparing between different brands, has stood out as the top provider of quality, hand-crafted and sustainably made salt lamps on the market. As one of the original salt lamp distributors, they’ve kept up their game and continue to impress me with their vast amount of products and superior salt.

As a company that has recently transitioned to only serve their online customer base, you can be sure to trust SoWell and their service to you. If you’d like more information about them, read my full review where I critic their service as much as I can by providing pros and cons, details, and much more. Hard to find a single thing wrong with their company to be honest. I love my salt lamp! And I’ve had it for about 4-months.

I hope you found this article insightful! If you’re curious for more articles about salt lamps or Himalayan pink salt, here are a few suggestions:

Best of luck with all your salt lamp decisions! I’ve exposed you to the best company I could find, but feel free to shop around yourself. Always remember though that it may save you time to look into SoWell first.

Thanks for reading!


Aug. 2018


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