Candles are an amazing decorative option when lighting up your meditation room, personal office, or really any room in the house!

Yin Yang Contemporary Candle Holders

No wonder humanity’s dark nights have been brightened by candles for over 5,000 years! They are useful and serene.

I stumbled upon a great find that I would HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking for contemporary candle holders, because these are not only in the shape of the Yin Yang sign, but are also made of 100% pure Himalayan pink salt.

Yin Yang Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

This article will go into every detail you might be asking yourself when looking at this gorgeous pair of Himalayan salt candle holders.

This article’s organization:

  • Why Himalayan pink salt?
  • What is “Yin Yang”?
  • Details about the product
  • Where to buy!

Why Himalayan Pink Salt?

Pink salt is over 250 million years old and is the world’s purest form of salt (even more so than sea salt!). With over 80 minerals contained in Himalayan pink salt, it is far healthier than epsom salt (don’t believe me? Read this: Pink Salt Baths are Better Than Epsom Salt Baths!).

The truest form of pink salt can be found from the Himalayan mountains, usually mined from the mountain side in Pakistan – don’t trust salt from other paces because they can be manufactured! Chinese pink salt is not as pure as naturally formed pink salt from the Himalayas.

From pink salt lamps to salt therapy to pink salt Nettie pots to pink salt in cooking, it is no wonder it is so popular. There are more benefits than people know!

Possible benefits from these pink salt candle holders:

  • Filters air
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduce allergy symptoms

Pink salt is naturally hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the air which can help filter out bad particles. Pink salt is known to be a negative ionizer, which is a similar quality to natural things untouched by human technology or “positive” ions. This effect can in turn help improve your mood and reduce stress.

The pink salt works best, obviously, when it is not dried out and is warmed by the candle. Or is lit, such as in pink salt lamps.

If you’re curious about more research behind the benefits, effects, and science of Himalayan pink salt then I’d recommend reading on of my BEST articles: Pink Salt Lamp Benefits – The Truth Behind the Pink.

Pink Salt Lamp Benefits

What is “Yin Yang”?

The yin and yang sign is not only a cool design, but also a very deep-rooted symbol in Chinese philosophy. It roughly translates to “dark-bright” or “negative positive.”

Yin Yang

It represents the idea that opposite attracts and that you can’t have one without the other, such as night and day, cold and hot, black and white, wet and dry, fire and water etc. Opposites exist every in nature and this simple symbol represents that contrary forces are complementary to each other, possibly even interconnected.

  • Opposites attract
  • There cannot be one without the other (light and dark)
  • Duality symbolized through color and design

The idea of the symbol design of the yin yang is derived from the Taijitu representation that there is a balance between two opposites, but are interconnected represented by a portion of each element within each other.

Details About the Product

So take this background information into consideration as you consider this yin yang pink salt candle holder set.

Pink Salt Contemporary Candle Holder

Yin Yang Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

  • From the most trusted supplier of Himalayan pink salt on the market, SoWellMade.comClick here to read full review of their amazing website.
  • TWO Handcrafted Candle Holders (shipped in boxed set)
  • 100% pink salt and rare white Himalayan salt
  • Height – 2″, Diameter – 6″, Weight – 2.5 pounds
  • ON SALE (as of April 14, 2018) – only $18!
  • 30-day satisfaction gaurantee
  • Flat-Rate shipping ($8.95 on all orders)
  • Fairtrade Regulated
  • From Pakistani mountain side of the Himalayans

You can plop some American Soy Tealights in these holders and sit back a good 6 to 7 hours of burn time before needing to replace them (and for only $17 on Amazon you can by 36!).

Soy Tea LightsCustomer reviews state they’re great to sleep next to your bed and the candles themselves sit low enough to be safe to leave burning (when using tea lights). These make for great gifts and they make for a great addition to any room becuase the pink salt looks rustic as well as contemporary.

A great thing about receiving two is that they can be separated and still maintain a great contemporary look.

Though this set is designed to stand together, they’re not connected and be placed away from each other. You can potential light up two rooms with one purchase!

Where to Buy!

As confirmed by a customer review, this specific candle holder design made of 100% Himalayan pink salt CANNOT be found anywhere else other than

Click here to view on!

Yin Yang Contemporary Candle Holders

I know everyone is used to buying on Amazon and very rarely goes as far as Etsy, but trust me, this website is amazing and is the only website that I trust with my personal Himalayan pink salt needs – I own my very own Solay 12.5-pound amber salt lamp that I have on 24/7 in my office to help combat the blue light from my computer screen. And I love it!

SōWell Review

If you need more evidence that is a trustworthy site or you just want some more information before ordering from them, I’ve written an extensive review of their website to help. Click the above photo for more info!


Decor is an important element to invest in to improve your meditative atmosphere. Once you have what you need, your rarely have to spend more.

Salt Candle Holder

For instance, my office contains a wood wall, acrylic paintings, wicker furniture and rug, a 12.5-pound salt lamp, a mini desk fountain, and a Woodwick candle (which I’d recommend as well). I put all this in place when I moved in and it has been TWO YEARS since I’ve bought any additions, because I haven’t needed to!

So once you complete the initial investment process, you’ll be good to go!

And SoWell has become one of my most FAVORITE companies for decor, health, food, and bath supplies. I talk them up too much, but I swear I don’t work for them. It’s my right as their biggest fan to talk them up, right?

I do hope you consider these amazing contemporary candle holders, but if anything, I hope they get you thinking of ideas on your next improvement to your space!

If you like these candle holders, let me know by commenting below!

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Thanks for reading! And good luck with your decor!


April 2018

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