Buddha decor is an important accent to any space because of the reminder to be mindful and calm. Not all of us can sustain a giant zen garden in our backyards, but there are options for little additions.

Colorful Zen Garden

I would like to introduce Buddha Groove’s wonderful all-in-one Colorful Moss Terrarium Garden!

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Your desk needs something to remind you of life outside of work. Your living-room or even your yoga studio must have some greenery to add the natural vibe we all crave (especially when we feel stuck inside!).

Colorful Zen Garden

If you’re anything like my wife and I, taking care of real plants can be a little difficult as they’re hard to keep in alive (at least for us). Luckily, this little garden requires little maintenance for such a great package.

Within this compact ceramic bowl, you can find pebbles, rocks, statues, air plants, and moss making it easy to fit almost anywhere. The base of the bowl measures 7-inches and comes with felt bottom to prevent scratching. The dynamic eye-pleasing mix is in part due to the modern ceramic bowl as well as the uniform shape of a triangle, with the tall air plant in the back as the high point.

Artistically speaking, the white bowl also adds a great contrast to the Earth tones found within it and one of the rocks is even engraved with “Zen inspired” and inspiration word such as Zen, Namaste, Breathe, Serenity, etc.

What’s Included?

Though this bowl only measures 7-inches in diameter and 3.25-inches in height, it does come with a lot of little things to help compress a true Zen garden into a modern bowl.

Zen Garden Bowl

Everything this little Zen Garden bowl comes with:

  • Colorful moss
  • Air plant
  • Rocks and pebbles
  • One engraved rock
    • With a randomly selected inspirational Zen word (“Breath,” “Namaste,” “Serenity,” “Zen,” etc.)
  • Buddha statue
    • 3.5″ high, 2.5″ long, and 1.5″ in diameter
  • Ceramic succulent statue
    • 1.5″ high, 2.5″ long, and 2.5″ in diameter
  • Terrarium base (or bowl)
    • 3.5″ high and 7″ in diameter
  • Weighs a total of around 2.5 pounds

Everything you need to sustain a little Zen garden in a ceramic bowl is included with this terrarium. And you should love your little garden! Because of the nature of color variations, design elements, and overall appearance, there are no two terrariums that look alike! So the relationship you have with your garden is a unique one.


One of the biggest pros of this small terrarium is the little upkeep necessary to keep it looking beautiful.

Once unwrapped, the air plant needs to be soaked in a bowl of water for around 20 to 30 minutes. Once dry, you then place it in the bowl. Repeat this process every week and violá! That’s all the maintenance needed for this garden. You don’t even have to worry about the moss because it takes humidity from the air.

If you’re truly concerned about the health of your little plants (maybe because you live in a less-humid and dry place), consider misting the garden once every week along with the regular soaking of the air plant. Should be fine with just this amount of care! Easy peasy.

As far as cons go, the terrariums are unfortunately nonreturnable (which is understandable). Once opened, the air plants are compromised and can die after return shipping it. Buddha Groove would lose a lot of money if they offered returns because they’d end up with a lot of dead plants after each spent time in the return process.

Also, the inspirational word engraved in one of the rocks is randomly selected, so you can’t pick a specific word yourself. Though it’s easy to replace by purchasing your own inspirational rock, it does present itself as a downside in the customization of this little garden. It’s not that bad of a drawback because you can turn the rock over (so the word doesn’t show) or replace it with ease with another rock!

Zen Garden Bowl

Customer review photo by Derek. C


One of the reviews on Buddha Groove described the benefits of this garden perfectly. Derek C. ordered this as a gift for his sister who loved it so much, she made it a cute addition to her “Zen corner.” It was even his first time ordering from Buddha Groove (which I’ve done a REVIEW of the site before if you’re curious).

Derek had even written: “All the items were flawless, colorful, and looked stunning.” He gave this product a 5 out of 5!

Sandra Z. mentioned the ease of putting it together and how it “really adds to the decor” of her room – “very peaceful!”

Laura G. mentioned the fast service, the great quality, and how both her daughters love their Zen gardens.


Air plants are very in style nowadays (I think because of IKEA and the “hipsters), but there is a good reason behind this trend.

This small but colorful Zen garden is a beautiful addition to your decor and is also very low maintenance! A great way to add a bit of nature to your home or office.

Click here to check the price on Buddha Groove!

My wife and I love our air plants above our bed. The green color adds a great wholesome and Earthy feel to the room. We don’t have a great track record when it comes to taking care of plants, but with these air plants, we haven’t had any misfortunes yet! Which I’m surprised about because we have sometimes forgotten to water them for weeks. They always seem to carry right along with the little water they have.

This Zen garden makes for a great gift for a first-time plant owner (maybe for your child), but even if you’re a connoisseur of plant keeping, this bowl offers a great addition to any atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy looking further into Buddha Groove’s Color Moss Terrarium and I wish you the best of luck in finding more meditative and relaxing decor.

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For now, thanks for reading!


March 2018

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Lynne Huysamen · April 10, 2018 at 2:32 pm

That looks so super divine and would make an amazing gift for a number of people close to me! Honestly I like the fact you can’t choose the inspirational rock that it comes with – I would look at it like a fortune cookie. The rock that is meant to be in my space will find its way to me 🙂
This is perfect for a desk or even a kitchen counter -this is so me, especially since it is so easy to look after and maintain.

    Chase Chandler · April 10, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    Hi Lynne! I have actually recently bought it as a gift for someone and they absolutely loved it. It isn’t like buying a difficult plant to take care of and volunteering that person for a bunch of work – which is a good point you made! I’m glad you like it. Definitely keep it in mind! It’s a great addition to any desk or tranquil place.

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